Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Uh-Oh Another Belated One!

Mondays are our day to discuss what well-known and beloved cartoons constitute 'kawaii'. This doesn't only apply to ones originating from Japan, either.

Today is Tuesday, but as the old adage goes: "Better late than never!"

And so today, we're going to look at the old Charlie Brown cartoons (aka 'The Peanuts Gang')by the late & great Charles Schulz.

First, some fun facts about the comic and characters:

  • The main character of 'Peanuts', Charlie Brown, was based on the artist himself in his own childhood. He felt unpopular with peers.
  • The first 'official' strip aired in October of 1950:
  • After several years as a comic strip, the series got an animated show in the 1960s. The most popular (and quotable) one is 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. 
  • There is even an American theme park attributed to the gang of friends, called 'Knott's Berry Farm' (which was later acquired by Cedar Fair, an amusement park chain).
  • Next to Disney's 'Goofy', Snoopy is the most popular cartoon dog in American culture.

Image result for snoopy dressed as pumpkin

In 2015, the popular series was reimagined as a CGI animated movie, by Blue Sky Studios.

So now, let's look at their kawaii traits!

According to Japanese cultural references, kawaii cuteness is based on child-like innocence. This means large heads, tiny bodies & limbs, and large eyes with innocent expressions.

For the most part, these vintage cartoon children embody all of that, except their eyes - like many American cartoons, their eyes are small black dots. This isn't anti-kawaii though... as we observe characters such as Hello Kitty, or Rilakkuma. 

Image result for Hello Kitty, or Rilakkuma. 

Personally, I think the 'Peanuts' are kawaii in looks, although most of the children are kind of mean, except for Charlie's best friend Linus, and his younger sister Sally. Kawaii cuteness usually embodies kindness and caring. 

And everybody loves Snoopy!

So let us know in the comments, whether or not you think these characters are cute enough to be considered 'kawaii'. Which one is your favorite, and why? 

With Halloween creeping so close, stop to watch 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' - it's a classic cartoon! 

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Poster


And another 2 hints about my Halloween costume....

1) The voice actor who lent his vocals to the 2015 Charlie Brown is young actor Noah Schnapp, who plays 'Will Byers' in a popular sci-fi Netflix series....

2) Check out this picture of Hello Kitty in a blonde wig, via my Instagram:

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