Friday, 20 October 2017

A New Type of Feature This Friday

Konnichiwa (hello) lovely friends 😊

It's the evening of Friday, October 20th. It's been sort of a bad day (Rob & I both had a stressful day at work, and our dresser broke while I was putting away laundry). It feels like Friday the 13th showed up a week late, lol.

Anyway, normally there was a time that each Friday, we'd enjoy meeting someone in the kawaii community, and learning more about them and what they do. That was a really big thing here when I was doing the daily Kawaii365 art project. I'd actively get in touch with Etsy shop owners, cute YouTubers, and fellow bloggers and they'd happily get featured here.

Then, on July 10 of this year, the #Kawaii365 daily art project (inspired by Noah Scalin's "Unstuck" book which I'm still doing projects in), the project came to it's completion, and it felt like a big part of my life had changed. Was missing, even.

Now, 3 months and 10 days later, I am again in the den, enjoying the seclusion and 'zen' after a day at my retail job, and then doing housework. I'm just relaxing at the laptop, as I think of all of you - the adorable and sweet readers - and reminisce over the days when this was my regular routine.

As I look around the den here, I see the newspaper clipping on the wall from when I got featured in the Red Deer Express for this project. That felt amazing. I was also blessed to have an interview with someone from RD News Now. So awesome. A favorite Hello Kitty plushie is sat to my left, and there are many more beloved 'pets' on the shelves behind me. I look to the right and see one of my favorite colored-in pictures framed on the wall. And of course, my pride & joy - the Art Diploma I earned in 2009. I look up and see a small collection of kawaii items I've collected for reviews.

Again, I'd love to thank you all for being there, for reading, enjoying and sharing this blog. You all deserve to be featured, just for being so awesome! Feel free to drop a 'Hello' in the comments 😊

In case you are wondering, yes I still do art. Last night, Rob & I went to a local pub here called Bo's, for a night of Art Battle, in which I was one of the painters - and I made this:

It looks a little sloppy because I painted the entire thing in 20 minutes' time (that's one of the rules of participating in Art Battle; it's 3x 20-minute rounds to determine the winning painter based on audience voting). 

Being an artist is a fundamental part of who I am; when this daily kawaii art project ended, I felt truly lost for awhile, and then I began creating a new series of characters called Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends, which are 12 zany kawaii animals based on hybrids made of 2 different animals, each.

Pandaroo in a costume, feeling slightly humiliated...

And, if you love me and wish to show support of this newer endeavor, you are more than welcome to check out my Patreon page (which is like GoFundMe or Kickstarter).

And in keeping with the hints for my upcoming Halloween costume, I'd like to gently remind you guys that...

Halloween is 11days away from now...

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