Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Being Eleven from Stranger Things


Did you guess correctly from all my hints? I was worried that maybe I was being too obvious, esp. with this picture from my Instagram account.

If you know me in person, then you know how obsessed I recently became with the show 'Stranger Things'. It's hard to believe I haven't even BEGUN Season 2 yet.

Here's a couple of pictures of me in the Eleven costume, one of them from our date at Parkland Mall's Z98.9 Haunted House, which raised funds for the local Boys & Girls Club. The second picture, with the longer wig, was from last night (actual Halloween) when Rob & I co-hosted an event in our condo.

The original wig was slightly too short. This was Oct. 28th.

Oct. 31 in our condo lobby. Have since gotten a proper wig. 

The devil is in the details; in addition to the overall outfit (bought in various pieces from Value Village; the 'dress' was actually made from a girl's party dress and women's collared shirt), I used a pen to write 011 on my left inner wrist like the character; I used red lip gloss for the 'nosebleed' and paid tribute to her love of waffles with a smiling kawaii waffle necklace.

And if you're wondering what Rob was for Halloween, first a backstory: Sometimes when he yawns, he ends up sounding like a moose making a strange noise. It's became an inside married couple's joke, so we bought him a faux (fake) fur hat with antlers.

Sitting in our condo's lobby. His Banff shirt has a moose on it as well. 

Waiting to go into the terrifying 'haunted house' in the mall.

And this Halloween is quite special for me & Rob, being that it's our 10th one already! Our first one was in 2008, and I remember being dressed as a black kitty and we went on a ghost tour together. It was my first one and I didn't know what to expect. I cannot recall what we did for each of the years we've celebrated together... though there have been a few parties we've co-hosted, there've been nights where we've done something totally different. For instance, in 2015 we spent October 31st moving into this place (so awesome!) and the year before that, we dressed as zombies and went to an indie theatre where they showed a 1980s horror movie!

Here are pictures of us from some Halloweens past....

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing
2014, dressed as zombies for a spooky date night.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor
2016 - we hosted a party and Rob poses with his mum in our room.

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
Approx. 2012 or 2013. I dressed as Lady Gaga, and Rob ended up with a blonde wig.

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Our 2nd Halloween (2009); gender-swap! 


And now I'd like to tell you about the Zed Haunted House, "Red Deer's most fatal attraction".

When we first went in (via the mall, in the old Sport Chek) we lined up and then got to the lobby, which was lit with black lights and spooky ambient effects. Actors in scary costumes silently glided by to instill some fear and get the 'adrenaline chills' going.

Then, after paying for our tickets, we were granted access (*gulp*) and had to go through with it. We were let in, in a group of 4 (thankfully another couple agreed to team up with us), and then we walked the vaguely lit hallways, filled with costumed 'jump scare' actors, waiting to make us scream...

Long story short, the most terrifying part of the whole 'house' was the tight tunnel. It was inflatable, and possible to 'push through', but it was so claustrophobic and dark, I thought for sure I was going to suffocate! Was this how I was going to die? Anyway, after what felt like an hour, Rob & I managed to push through (I was worried for his well-being with this tunnel as well). Anyhow, we made it through that, and then went through some mad science lab with lots of screams and 'flashes' of light, followed by a dizzying, 'moving' tunnel to escape back to the lobby! Were we really there...?

YES! We did it!!

Sorry today's Review Wednesday wasn't really 'kawaii' or cute. I just really wanted to share our Halloween fun with you guys. What did you do this year? Tell us about it in the comments!

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