Sunday, 11 June 2017

Toonie Swim at the Collicutt Centre

Hello sweet lovelies!

How are you this fine Sunday?

We're going to keep today's #Kawaii365 project fairly brief - we now have less than 1 month for this project. It is so mind-blowing how quickly [almost] a year went by already.

So Rob & I started this morning with a $2/person deal at our local swimming pool 😍 Such a great deal, and it's our favorite pool in Red Deer too. We stayed for an hour and a half.

Then we went for a brief lunch and then to Starbucks, where he got a Frappuccino and a donut, and while I sat with him (I cannot ingest Starbucks coffee for some reason - my body is really intolerant), I drew our fond and recent memories from today.

Treat each other with kindness, and have a nice sleep tonight. Remember, the weekend is only 5 days away from now ;)

Daryl J.

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