Saturday, 10 June 2017

Kawaii Japanese Stuff (Art and Blogging)

Konnichiwa, hello friends!

So today is Saturday, June 10 and this is a very significant date for all of us - for you, the readers, and also for me. Why does this date matter?

Because 11 months ago (already!) Rob took me to a coloring event at the library that changed our lives forever. We won a book about creative inspiration which led me to starting this daily kawaii art blog - a year-long project inspired by Noah Scalin.

And now, as of today, we have exactly 1 month of projects to go. I still remember how overwhelmed I felt last July, trying to be creative 365 consecutive times. This project has made me more disciplined, organized, confident, and curious about the world (and people) around me. Making a promise to myself and literally thousands of awesome strangers who read here has made me more mature and reliable.

What will be created for the month ahead?

Yesterday I honestly meant to produce a June 9 #Kawaii365 project for you, but there was a slight incident. Long story short, Rob & I received an invite somewhere which led to some drinks (with alcohol, mixed with caffeine I must say!)

I still wanted to do the post, but felt a wee bit tipsy and then couldn't sleep due to nausea and vomiting that followed only hours after. I feel somewhat better today (and have made a personal vow not to touch alcohol anymore).

So here is June 9's art project. I simply couldn't resist playing with the alphabet!

This isn't based on any specific couples or scenarios I've seen. It's more hypothetical. There is nothing wrong with the woman and her brow is only furrowed from frustration. The man saying hi is one of those typical players and wanna-be ladies' man.

And now we take a short break to discuss Feature Friday. Because I wasn't feeling up to doing a blogpost for yesterday - and didn't currently have a new person to feature - there was none. So to make it up to you (for those who tune in weekly), please enjoy this quirky Kirsten Dunst video:

And on the subject of digital art, today's #Kawaii365 project is based on today's bowling date with my romantic and fun husband Rob.

I am a terrible bowler! I am so lucky if I get a score even halfway to 100 during all the frames. With that being said, we only go for a fun time and not serious sport. We tend to go on Saturday afternoons when they have glow bowling, and it's become a tradition for us to dedicate songs to each other on the jukebox ❤

Thank you so much for reading - you are an awesome person and much appreciated!

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