Monday, 11 July 2016

First One of 365

This whole idea started on the night Rob & I went to our local library for an adult coloring event. Only, I didn't yet know the child to which my brain was about to give life.

Back to the event - it was a Thursday, about 7:30pm. After we colored our pictures, we were asked to flip them over because there was a winning number on one of them. The draw was for a totally awesome book called "Unstuck (52 Ways to Get Your Creativity Flowing...)" by a neat guy named Noah Scalin. You can check out his Skull-a-Day project at

So where am I going with this? So far I've told you that my hubby & I like to color, and that we won a book by a guy who is a fan of skulls. Now what? Glad you're wondering. So I kept reading this fascinating book. It had me drawing faces in circles and writing Haikus. There are 52 awesome ideas for inspiring our creative brain and lots of motivation from some pretty famous people. People who have challenged themselves to do 1 creative thing for 1 year. The #365 projects. These are the ones that inspired me:

  • Ji Lee of
  • Beth Brown of
  • The 'Meal Emotions' project by Noah Scalin and his creative team.
  • Terry Border of
  • Phil Ford of

So, what do I wish to accomplish with this blog? I want to make people think. I want people to stop and enjoy a moment in life. We're living such a fast pace, high-tech and instant gratification lifestyle. Statistics show that stress levels are higher now than they've been in the last 100+ years. So I sincerely hope over the next year, that you see my contribution to human peace of mind - whether you're following it on the internet with the hashtag #kawaii365 or you happen to see one in person around Red Deer, Alberta.

Here is my very first one from July 10th of this year:
I drew this cutie on a coffee cup with a marker. I have decided to carry around a black marker to feel more creative when I'm out and about. Of course, there's lots of mediums and inspiration out there, and drawing with a marker is only 1 possibility of thousands!

So I'd like to thank you for embarking on this Kawaii (Japanese for 'cute face') journey with me. I'll be posting another 364 cute faces :)

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