Sunday, 19 February 2017

About Feeling Nauseated

Hello everyone, this will be a quick post for tonight.

I don't feel right letting one of the 365 days [of this project] go by without sharing the #kawaii365 project:

I drew this one on our tablet with a paint program. So it felt cool trying something new (contributes to creativity).

However because we had rich egg sandwiches at Tim Horton's for brunch, my stomach and throat feel like they're doing summersaults. So now I need to continue resting and taking anti-nausea medication. BTW, I still love Timmy's! I just have trouble digesting sometimes.

Lots of love to you all! 🐼

Saturday, 18 February 2017

How To Go Viral

Well, maybe... with the right audience.

Hello friends! I just recently posted a project on my Instagram (like, really recently!) and I was blown away by the response it received!

I've been posting on Instagram for about a year & a half now, and most of my posts were boring pictures of our day-to-life (like houseplants, our kitchen, etc.) so if they got likes it all, they were few & far between. I was such a newb, I wasn't thinking of using hashtags yet (or tagging relevant friends).

After viewing and liking many other similar posts, I started to see a pattern - they used a variety of hashtags; not just 2 or 3. We're talking 9-12 hashtags, and though some see it as spammy and annoying, it seems to be how to get more eyes on something a lot faster!

And it's not just using lots of tags - it's using the most relevant ones. When I began this Kawaii365 daily project, I often only used the tag #Kawaii365 (you're welcome to use it for your own cute ideas as well, as long as it relates back to this project). The only issue was, I basically created it, so it wasn't widely known and people didn't click it really. It took me about 4 months to realize that little hiccup, and so I slowly started incorporating the more popular #Kawaii and also ones relevant to what I may be making at the time: #Kawaiifashion and #Kawaiifood are good ones.

And then I took it a step further. I asked myself: What other tags are relevant to the Kawaii culture? (which is huge online. I hope you're listening if you're in this community yourself). So I began an internet search - sites like Twitter, Instagram and even facebook (and others) had included tags like #Cute #charming #Harajuku and even character ones like #Sanrio #HelloKitty and the like. That means for months, I was missing an entire audience out there. So I had to get on it - I had to begin using more relevant tags, and more than 3 at a time.

So are you wondering about the recent project? It's February 18's Kawaii365 project, which (if you haven't already guessed) was another one inspired by Noah Scalin's 'Unstuck' book, specifically the Roll the Dice project - I got stuck with purple, bright & right. So for 'purple' I used a purple fabric marker for the eyes and mouth, and for bright I used a white piece of candy, and for right, well, you know the rest. You're very smart :)

And now for the part where I was blown away! So I posted it as I usually do, only this time I branched out a little with the tags, including words like #face and #funny which I don't normally do. And I think it was using more tags (which are still relevant to this image) was what caused the sudden surge of likes and follows, all in just a couple of minutes! I couldn't believe my eyes, so I ran to show my husband in the other room. I even got a spammer comment (2x), and they usually only target the popular posts :)

Image result for cute dividers

Now for the other part of [potentially] going viral. Something else I always did as a newb, was that I'd only share to Instagram, even though there is an option to sync it up with other social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. I only had a small handful of followers, and I thought sharing to just them made a difference - it didn't really. Then I synced up and began sharing to other SM sites, and because the hashtags were still included, they worked the same way there too. More eyes on the projects when relevant tags were used, and popular ones people search for anyways. I am telling you all of this because I want very much for you to succeed as a Kawaii fashion or beauty guru, toy creator, artist, writer, or singer!

And it doesn't stop there. Remember earlier here when I mentioned that you can tag relevant friends too? You can! Now don't overdo it, we're not spammers. We respect our friends and their reputations - however if you have networks (like other kawaii fashion gurus) in your list of people you follow, tag them and their followers will find you! Then you can start building a wider network ^_^

Now go and have your most kawaii-some time on the internet!

Friday, 17 February 2017

A Double Feature Night

It's Friday! And it's getting closer to Springtime, yay!

What are you planning to do this weekend?


So because there's been a lot going on, personally, I've sadly fallen behind on the Feature Fridays. Please forgive me :)

So tonight I'd like to give you twice as much viewing pleasure - you will meet 2 awesome cuties in the kawaii community!

First up is Kumamiki, a super cute vlogger with this YouTube channel: くまみき/Kumamiki she focuses on Harajuku fashion and Tokyo street style! She does many fashion and lifestyle videos with a kawaii cute flare. They may be primarily in Japanese, some of them have subtitles in English or you can add them on via YouTube's handy substitles feature. Definitely worth watching - here is a sample video:

This looks so fun & yummy, I may have to make cute Oreo characters too ^_^


And now we're going to feature (and meet!) the writer behind the CuteZine blog, Jenna Adams! Her blog is filled to the brim with Kawaii-ness!

Something that makes her unique as a writer, is that she set it up like an online magazine - with issues and articles! Creativity is a huge aspect of being in the kawaii community - whether it be for fashion, art or food :) It appears she happily and sweetly reviews it all (≧∇≦)

If you find this banner, then you've found the right site!

So definitely check her cute articles out! Have fun, sweet friends :)


And it's another day, so that means another #Kawaii365 project! Today's is kind of a special one, because it's to commemorate the last of 10 days' worth of fan art sponsored by RedBubble - they recently celebrated 10 years in business, yay! If you'd like to see some of the awesomeness, just look up #RedBubble10 on twitter, Instagram, and other hashtag-friendly SM.

This one is significant to RedBubble itself, because the founders boldly went forward and followed a dream to open an online print shop and sell quality T-shirts designed by unique artists, for wear by unique fans like us! And of course it spread out to throw pillows, coffee mugs, phone cases and many other awesome things to enjoy!

Please take a moment to check out my RedBubble shop called KawaiiNMore - where you will find all sorts of kawaii digital cartoons made by me (so if you see someone copying me, please file a DMCA report with RedBubble). Currently my focus is on Saint Patrick's Day items, but you can also find other neat stuff, including your zodiac sign on a tee shirt or phone case!

And make sure to take the survey poll to help pick a song for the singing video!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Peanut Butter Cookies (Friendly)

Hello, thank you for coming here today.

I recently removed a heart-shaped peanut butter cookie from my purse and it's almost too well-made to eat. I got it from my friend who works in a coffee shop. She is super sweet and with 2 jobs, she also co-works with me at our retail job.
Rob & I happened to stop in her coffee-shop downtown recently and purchase treats. Because we recently had Valentine's Day, she pointed out to me that there are heart-shaped cookies so I bought one :)

I put it in my purse for later and it got left overnight (it's okay, it's wrapped) and so because we've been dealing with a personal family emergency, I haven't been feeling up to making a lot of kawaii projects from scratch.
So I became 'tuned into' the cuteness and romance of this cookie and doodled a cute face 'in love' on the plastic wrap! Hope you enjoy today's project!


And it's officially been 13 days since I've begun wearing glasses, and approximately a month since I've dyed my hair pink. I definitely feel different from both changes. In fact, both make me feel more confident, because I stand out more, it causes me to end up socializing more when people comment. I've gotten compliments on both the hair and the glasses (esp. the hair, even from a couple of males).

Another way in which it makes me feel more confident is that it feels like I'm allowed to be my 'true self', the artist and free spirit, without having to apologize to strangers or explain to family. And it's actually not all that wild a look in 2017, when people of all ages, genders and backgrounds are sporting 'unnatural' hair colors. So in a way I still fit it with society :D

Thank you, as always, sweet friends, for stopping by. Have a nice day (✿◠‿◠)

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Reviewing Old Navy

Hi all!

How are you this evening? I'm okay too :)

So as you know, it's February 15th and that means another #ReviewWednesday!

Previously, we reviewed an American family clothing store called Old Navy (back in September - see the post here) because they incorporate cute animals such as bears, kitties and owls into their clothing, esp. for children. And their prices are incredibly reasonable ($4 tees? Yes!) and over the past nearly half a year, I've noticed they now have a whole new line of kawaii cuteness:


I seriously own this sweater! So comfy!

Kids & Baby Sizes

What a cute rendition of Spider-Man!

PokΓ©mon are super kawaii

These jelly shoes legitimately smell like Strawberries :)

And if you go to one of their stores, make sure to have a good look at their fast lanes (when you line up for the cashier), because that's where I got this mini bowling set!

So there you have it! Whether you regular shop there all the time, just sometimes, or are still awaiting your first visit (I lost my Old Navy virginity in 2011, though they opened in 1994), this is a great place to shop if you have wee little ones, a strict budget or a flare for modern fashion.

And if you want to see the February 15 #Kawaii365 project, you're going to have to look at my Instagram here: @darylart_digital_onetsy (hint: it's in 2 parts).

Domo arigatou, thank you, sweet lovelies! Have a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo

*All above  fashion photos are property of and Gap Inc.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Konnichiwa sweethearts! (✿ ♥‿♥)

It's February 14, such a special day! In many cultures around the world, today is an homage to the real Saint Valentine, who secretly married couples to each other in an era when it was outlawed. He ended up laying down his life in the name of true love.

So whether your kids give cute Valentines and cinnamon hearts to their schoolmates, or you have a romantic partner to whom you give chocolates & jewelry, today is an exciting day! Everyone deserves love, so even if you're single today, you still deserve delicious chocolate to enjoy.

This is mine & Rob's 9th Valentine's Day together already (time flies quickly), and normally we'd do something more romantic for today but we had to commence celebrating with some intimacy on Sunday the 12th, because today my arm isn't great for giving a massage. We had to go get our blood drawn at the hospital (nothing serious, just found a new doctor and are undergoing medical tests). Hey on the bright side, it's something red and straight from the heart, lol.

I still managed to bake us a chocolate cake and we shared cute Valentines - he got me a Hello Kitty card and owl-themed cuteness, because he knows what I like ^_^

Owls are so Kawaii!

Image result for cute heart divider

And you've probably noticed that there hasn't been a post here since February 10th. There has been a personal family emergency and I'm just now getting back to this blog. You guys haven't been forgotten about and there's still a daily kawaii inspiration to enjoy!

Here they are:

The photo is from our 2011 Honeymoon; the cute bowling pins are from Old Navy.

This one is a nail file with a nail polish face

The St. Patrick's Day tee shirt I designed for RedBubble (KawaiiNMore)

This is a book I drew way back for mine & Rob's 1st Valentine's Day. It still means a lot to this day.

And because I haven't posted in awhile, I just want to share with you an interesting article that inadvertently came to my inbox this morning. It's about true Kawaii culture in Tokyo, Japan.

Have a great February 14 my sweet friends!!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Celebrating An Anniversary

Happy 7th Anniversary everyone!

That is, 7 months to the day since I started this blog last summer. On July 3, 2016 Rob took me on a date to the local library for an adult coloring event, in which there was a prize to be won. The prize was a book about creativity projects by author Noah Scalin. After excitedly reading this book for only a week, I decided to do it. On July 10 I made the first one: because the theme of the coloring event was kawaii cuteness, that's what I did - I took a black marker and put a cute face on my coffee cup. And then I promised myself (and others) that each day I would find a new & creative way to make a new one. And I mean that.

Now that's it's February 10, we've made already more than 200 (yes, you read that right) kawaii projects, including sidewalk art, faces made with food, cuties in the sand, modelling clay friends, digital art, coloring sheets, 'tattoos' and many other creative daily projects.

Since the beginning of this project, I have been so blessed! I've had the honor of being featured on Noah Scalin's blog, various features online from other amazing bloggers and artists, gotten chosen to participate in Alberta Culture Days' sidewalk chalk festival, met many interesting people in the art community in our city, and even opened a shop on RedBubble called KawaiiNMore

I admit I didn't even know what would become of this daily Make Something 365 project. I only knew that I was feeling excited and inspired. I admire all the people featured in Noah Scalin's "Unstuck" book and I might fail, I might even get arrested, but it's something that seems like it's worth a try. Just let my artist flag take flight!

Anyway you may have noticed there was no post for yesterday and it's being combined with today's. And that's okay. It's been a hectic time with work schedules and a family emergency, so I'm doing the best I can. The sweetest and most caring of you will understand πŸ’™

A 'winking face' made from magnets that I made (available from my Etsy shop)

Spent a lot of time doing bathroom cleaning and it feels great that it's clean! The mouth is a hair tie.

Anyway, with this being the exact 7-month anniversary for this blog, I want to celebrate by sharing Noah's concept of 'The Big Seven' from his inspirational book. For each explanation, I will share the Kawaii projects that are most relative.

1) Let Go of Preciousness - Noah explains that one of our biggest issues with creativity is expecting perfection, and that can lead to fear of sharing if it's not perfect. When we learn to let go of that, we can open up a lot more.
Scary blobby cupcake face!

2) Freedom Comes from Limitations - He says that when we have endless time, materials, money, etc. that it can be hard to get started. But when we have limitations in time or things to use, it forces our brains to think differently and work harder.
Only had empty lunch stuff to work with, and a marker.

3) Get Out of Your Environment - Noah writes that there is only so much creative inspiration we can get from our regular office space (or wherever you happen to work on your projects). It can make a huge difference in our ideas to go somewhere new, even if it's just a coffee shop or something.
Coffee cup in a shopping cart. Because I don't have cute kids.

4) Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - He advises that when we open to the concept of possibly making a fool of ourselves, we open our world to whole new possibilities.
I gave away hand-made bracelets to strangers. Their surprise made me sheepish.

5) Get Things by Giving Them Away - Noah says that if we keep our own projects for ourselves only, then we probably won't get as a great a response. You may not get rich or famous from it, but you will for sure have a very interesting experience by sharing your project, including gifts from fans, lots of compliments, and even fun collaboration!
I made some cute tree ornaments and gave them out; I got so many compliments I almost passed out!

6) Collaborate - He writes that there's just no substitute for what happens with your creative project when friendships & sharing are developed. More brains equal more creative outcomes.
I started a small movement with leaving mostly blank notebooks in places for strangers to continue the art.

7) Inspiration is Everywhere - Noah explains that even when we feel 'stuck' in our brains, time constraints, environments or other limitations, that if we really just open up to it, we'll see inspiration all around us, from shapes & colors to new ideas.
Such a happy box! I saw it right away :)

So thank you each and every one of you (yes, even the haters!) because your attention and comments have made this project so much more worth it! I love creating for you each & every day!
Image result for music note dividers

BTW, the #KaraokeChallenge will be starting soon - we only need some more poll-takers to help choose a song to sing. Song list here


*The notions from "Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing At Home, At Work & in Your Studio" (Voyageur Press publishing) are paraphrased; Noah Scalin's original words were not used in this post for legal reasons.