Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Day in the Hospital

Hello, good evening. I'm going to keep this fairly short because, due to a uterine problem (the joy of being a woman!) I lost a bit too much blood and had to go to the ER.

They ran a batch of tests and gave me a coagulant medication to help, and everyone was really nice at the hospital. While laying in the gurney bed in that blue gown (that ties in the back), my life started flashing before my eyes. It is just amazing how much we all take life for granted. If you aren't working your dream job, dating or married to your dream partner, or enjoying your favorite hobbies - you need to make that change now, not later.

If you're not saying I love you to your beau, your family, your friends, and your pets every day - change that now! This medical ordeal has reminded me that anyone's life can be shortened. I'm only 29. Anyway,  want you all to know: I love you!

There's a story to the above #Kawaii365 picture. I didn't draw it today - the inspirational book 'Unstuck' (by Noah Scalin) happened to have a creativity activity to do with thought bubbles. Here in Red Deer, leaving stickers on things is vandalism and results in fines.

So as a kawaii fan and artist, I did the next best thing and filled in the blank ones with some mock characters. If I made a manga graphic novel, the characters would have these general traits in their style, personality and expressions.

Although I drew this several weeks ago, I never dated it. And I took this book to the ER with me for something interesting to read while I waited - then I saw this and after everything today, I'm not in the right level of energy to make one. So this was happenstance.

Love you all! xoxo

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hello Kitty with Glasses

Hello all - today's Review Wednesday (okay, tonight's) is about two new Hello Kitty plushies that Rob & I found at Value Village together. I have tried to cut back on my collecting them (budget, you know) but these two are special because...

They look like me! I even teased Rob that we should name them after me and raise them as our daughters.

I know this isn't really a 'typical' Review Wednesday where I post a video, but today has been pretty busy and videos take well, on average about 3 hours of prepping, filming and re-takes, then editing and sharing. So because I am writing another book for my Etsy shop, job searching and doing projects for clients via Fiverr and Freelancer, I just don't have 3 hours to make a 4 minute video.

One thing I did have time for though, was this Buzzfeed Quiz about tape.

This was my result - I already knew the answer because, I made it haha. What's yours?

And I tricked you with it in a way, because it's also the May 24 #Kawaii365 project. Have a good night! ^_^

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Gemini Horoscope

Hello sweeties! As you know from clicking the Horoscopes tab above, I have a mild obsession with astrology. Okay, maybe more than mild - and I have since I was 12 years old, and started reading about our signs. This was a fascinating 'new' science (only new to me, it's been around for centuries).

Anyway, I love writing horoscopes for friends who were born into all 12 signs and I've been trying to come up with new ways to make sure you get good horoscopes to read, and then it happened....

Moana picture derived from my Disney astrology project.
Gemini (May 21-June 20) - You're a free-spirited, free-thinking air sign with an unshakeable optimism about life. From the time you were very young, it's likely you were driven by an intense curiosity about your world and the people in it - which is why you're so fast to make friends! When you ask people questions, they're from genuine interest which is awesome.

Geminis love to try everything new at least once, which can make you both exciting and intimidating sometimes. For your safety, sometimes it's best to just fantasize about what something could be like (hang-gliding, anyone?). Socially, you accept everyone at face value as a potential friend or possible mate. You love to talk and only your closest friends are cool with this, so keep them around because there's no shame in expressing yourself (◑‿◐)

When it comes to dating, you may be very selective at first, going on casual dates with varying suitors until you feel a click. For a girl in this sign, intellectual connection and great conversation are very important. When you find that one person who stimulates your brain, you're hooked for life. Being the sign of the twins, you crave another human in your life constantly because it keeps it interesting. Your animated nature will keep their life interesting too.

Gemini people often have very strong opinions on at least one subject, and it can be intimidating or irksome to people who are discussing them with you. Try to tone it down a notch. Yes, you may be right but it's not worth a fight. People gravitate toward your light-hearted charm and wit. When it comes to money, you are smart with numbers and have likely been working and saving since a young age. Although some people may assume you're flighty, nothing could be further from the truth when you set goals for yourself. Because you watch the numbers carefully, you know exactly what you have earned, spent and saved.

Best sign compatibility: Other intellectuals like Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra.

Celebs who share your sign: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Chris Pratt, Nicole Kidman.

Colors associated with you: Yellow, various shades of blue.

Best idea for a pet: A lively dog, such as a Golden Retriever.

So you are proud of your sign - how do you express it? By wearing a zodiac tee of course! Get apparel and accessories with your sign on them at the stores below:

KawaiiNMore on RedBubble:

Wall Art from Etsy:

Kawaii astrology wallart, printable instant download, choose your sign

Coasters, mugs and magnets from deviantArt

**By the way, did you notice the above divider? It matches the background of this blog (which I designed of course). It's bits and pieces of my various clipart packs on my Etsy shop (DarylArt Digital). It is also the #Kawaii365 project for May 23 when this was written. Pretty subtle, huh?

Monday, 22 May 2017

Feeling Hurried

Konbanwa, good evening everybody.

It is another late one this evening, and for that I am sorry. Today got away from me and I'm not happy about that. Tomorrow will be better because it's a new day.

Today's #Kawaii365 project was drawn quickly with MS Paint and is the perfect embodiment of the feeling of pressure tonight. I don't have full access to the computer currently (it's shared), I've been dealing with laundry and dishes, and of course some new job search. It's a long story.

There were 2 projects I wanted to do today and cannot (due to above circumstances), so with my days off this week, as your entertaining artist and educator, I will do my best to get those done for you asap. At least one of them was supposed to be done today but it's just been too busy. It's almost fighting-back-tears busy. I haven't forgotten your guys' loyalty with comments, sharing, and shopping. You all mean a lot! xoxox

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A Falling Elevator

So you're standing in an elevator, listening to the Muzak and all of a sudden it comes to a grinding halt. The lights flicker and you grab the railings as you feel the car vibrating. You look at the help button in a panic as you realize there is an actual chance this thing could plummet!

Sorry, I am not trying to frighten anyone. My husband and I both have recurring dreams about elevators, and we are fascinated with them in general. That's why we recently chose to do the Floor 13 Elevator room [at Lockdown Red Deer escape rooms], partly because the adrenaline associated with the notion of being trapped in a dark elevator for an hour gives us a feeling of...

Survival Skills!

An elevator can fall at any given time, due to various mechanical issues. With our current automatic (button panel) elevators, there are two types: Traction ones (with cables and pulleys), often seen in very tall buildings. Freefalls in these would be very dangerous upon impact at the bottom. And the other type is Hydraulic, which is much like the jacks used to lift cars and these are used in smaller buildings, usually maxing out at 5 floors. A freefall in these is bad too, but safer than the former.

In both cases, it's best to use the same set of skills. First of all, do NOT try to do a 'timed jump' at impact, since the only thing that will do is put your thigh bones in your torso. If the real life elevator begins to plummet, drop anything in your arms (work stuff, groceries, etc.) and carefully but quickly lay face-down on the floor, using your folded arms to protect your face and the back of your head.

You may feel your body 'lifting' from the inertia. Don't tense up and don't fight this. If you have kids in the elevator with you, get them in proper position quickly and put your weight on top of them so they don't lift as much. Wrap yourself around to protect them.

If there are other adults in with you, sternly instruct them to do the same thing: get face down and protect head and face with folded arms. You will feel impact and may get minor facial injuries, but it's a small price to pay for still being alive when rescuers come.

*An alternative position would be to lie face up (to try and prevent facial trauma from the floor), but in many cases there could be falling debris, like the grill that protects the lights. Do whatever feels safest to you in the moment. Remember you only have a few seconds to get down.

Many apologies for the fear factors there. This is a fun, sweet blog and it's never intended to give people negative vibes. However, as an INFJ, it makes me a realist and I just want each and every one of you to be safe in case this ever happens. Many elevators have safety features built in that would help soften any potential impact.

Now book an appointment with Lockdown Red Deer (south location behind ABC Country Restaurant and next to Curves) for their Floor 13 Elevator room. If you like rocking thrill rides and the adrenaline rush of handling emergencies, then you won't be disappointed 😉

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Aliens and the Last of the Rainbows

It is a late one tonight (the 11 O clock news is almost on here). Rob and I had a heck of a day, lol. For the first time since it opened here in the city, Rob & I tried out the Lockdown Red Deer live escape rooms. Specifically we chose the vibrating elevator which was, awesome!

We weren't able to get out the first time but that's okay, because we got really far this time and so the next time we go back, we'll be further (✿◠‿◠)

And speaking of Red Deer, our water tower really reminds me of an alien. I've seen it for awhile now, whenever we drive by there. I always nudge Rob and say we should get up there with a ladder and some black spray paint (jk police department, I know that's vandalism!). Anyway I finally got a good picture and turned it into a kawaii alien from planet 'Kewt' (cute).

It's okay, the above photo is edited with a paint program, we didn't vandalize the water tower.

So now the rainbow scratch art cards are done (all 8 of them), and these are the last two #kawaii365 projects with them.

PS - after I'm done drawing these, they get left around random places in Red Deer. If you happen to come across one, please comment below and let us know where! Not only do you get some internet fame, but I can give you a free kawaii coloring sheet! xoxox

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Obsession with Emoji

Konnichiwa sweet lovely people!

I am excited today because I get to share my love of something well, loveable! And that something loveable is... Emoji!

Image result for emoji
Everyone uses them - whether you're sending as a text, using one to react to a facebook post, or comment with them on Instagram - so I wanted to share with you this neat video I found from The Talko on YouTube:

Now I am not accusing you of anything wrong, nor telling you how to use emoji. They are interesting and fun and you can use them however you'd like. This is just a cool educational video.

Did you notice the poop emoji meaning 'good luck?' Who would've expected that? So now as an Irish-Canadian person, I'm going to be using the poop emoji in more interesting ways 😃

And in addition to sharing the video, I'd like to share some cool personal photos of my real obsession with emoji (you can buy them at Canadian Tire and other retailers).

I often use emoji when sharing Instagram pics

This Rilakkuma Kigurumi was one of the best things I've ordered online!

I love this laughing emoji from McDonald's

Rob won this pillow for me at Westerner Days

My hilarious hubby at our 2016 Halloween party (next to his brave mother)

This poop emoji pillow is actually very comfy haha

The above words (It Started With The Library) are made out of various emoji and this was the original name of this blog back in July of 2016 when I started it. Do you know why it's called that? Because when Rob took me to the library for an adult coloring event last summer, we happened to win a book (they had prizes) and the book was a creativity inspiration one called "Unstuck" (by Noah Scalin. I'm keeping the title short but you'll recognize the yellow cover with the shoe on it). So after reading this book I dove into a year-long kawaii art project and because this blog project started by us attending a life-changing event at our local library, it was an homage.

I soon realized that since it's specifically kawaii art and lifestyle that I do here, that the blog should be renamed and so the following month, it was. Definitely for the better.

And did you notice the word is actually 'emoji' - in our Western culture, we put an 's' on things that are considered plural, but in Japan this word is already plural and written in Romanji. It means 'picture character' and it's just by irony that it's similar to our English 'emoticon' which is like a prelude to these colorful cuties!

Image result for cute divider

And as you know, I am the author of 3 Buzzfeed Quizzes, so today you can take all 3 of them, just for fun!

Well, have a sweet day with lots of love! xoxo