Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Great Snack With Coffee

Today is Wednesday again, which means it's time for March 29's #ReviewWednesday 😄

So today we're going to review some Korean cookies called Kancho Choco Biscuit (by Lotte). I bought this particular box at 7-11 in Red Deer for about $3. It looked soooo cute I couldn't resist!

Irresistible box called me with it's cuteness

The wrap inside was nice and glad they're kept fresh :)

They don't look exactly as expected (as on box) but that's okay.

Lots of chocolate inside each one; mildly sweet and crunchy. Great with coffee.

And speaking of coffee...

I recently began watching the anime show called Is The Order A Rabbit? which is about a girl named Cocoa who comes to stay in a new town and go to high school. She comes upon a mysterious café to ask directions and ends up working there - so funny and cute, especially Tippy, the talking fluffy bunny who embodies the spirit of Chino's beloved grandfather. They work as baristas in an amazing coffee shop/café called The Rabbit House. In just 12 episodes, I fell in love with the entire series (by Sentai Filmworks)!!

Image result for Is the Order a Rabbit?Image result for Is the Order a Rabbit?

Makes me feel like such an excited and proud Weeaboo! In fact, there's a tee shirt on RedBubble for people like us who are not Japanese-born and who adore all things anime and manga!

Proud Weeaboo  by KawaiiNMore
(Photo of model is property of RedBubble) - KawaiiNMore

**Please do not mix 'Sentai' (squadron or task force, like The Power Rangers, etc.) with 'Hentai' which is very naughty adult stuff. I wondered at first because all the girls in Sentai Filmworks animations are drawn super sexy (definitely got my husband's attention, lol).

So why photos?

I try my best to make every Review Wednesday into a video for you guys, even if I'm not the subject of it (off-screen). However, today my 'Aunt Flo' cramps are full-blast. I am having one of the worst monthly cycles of my life today. I'm pale and weak, and the pain has required everything from Voltaren topical rub to an Aleve pill to the heating pad. So in this condition there was no way I'd be up to appearing on camera. Thank you for understanding (I know all you female readers feel me). With that being said, I have a 'period hack' for you:

Since panty liners tend to be less expensive than actual pads, to save money when it's time to "change", I find it helpful to lay a fresh, clean liner on top. It's convenient, a bit better for the environment, cost-effective and maybe best of all, it saves room in your purse or backpack!

Image result for cute divider
And it's a new day! That means it's a new #Kawaii365 project - even though I spent a great deal of this morning in pain, I thoroughly enjoyed going to the Mad Scientist page of my inspiration book, "Unstuck" by artist and author Noah Scalin - get his book here.

I thoroughly enjoyed 'testing' different combinations, after I went to my cupboard in the den and got out all the art stuff I've collected for this year-long project. I was expecting this to actually turn out cute... thought it would just be a mess. Well it is a mess, but it's an attractive one!

Image result for cute divider

So if you're a fan of this blog, please show some love!

It gets rewarded you know. So whether you're sharing Kawaii365 with your own social media friends, or you've been pondering on supporting my Patreon page, you make a difference in my world and for that:

ありがとうございます。 (arigatou gozaimasu which means thank you).

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Motion Picture Soundtrack

I love those 3 words, because they sound so dramatic together. It's a great way to describe the beautiful, powerful and exciting songs that inspire us in our favorite films and which are easy to sing along with :)

And because we recently went to see the live action Beauty And The Beast, I got the privilege of falling in love with some classic songs all over again! And, some new ones too - which is why today's #Kawaii365 project is my reaction to everyone ever who thinks this movie has one "best" song in it (spoiler alert: they are all the best!)

And if you're still waiting (or, eagerly anticipating) the 2017 version of this classic Disney romance, here are some of the songs to tide you over. But if you want to hear any of the new ones added for this storyline, you'll need to get thee to a nearby theatre to hear them 😉

Have a Terrific Tuesday! xoxo

Monday, 27 March 2017

A Love Story

Good afternoon sweeties,

Are you here because of the Instagram post cartoon of me & my husband?

Before we get into that, it's been an awesome weekend of romance and fun! We went out to see the live action Beauty And The Beast, which was just an awesome movie! And then we went bowling together where he went to the jukebox and played the song 'My Girl' for me (again) by The Temptations. We finished off our Saturday date with Dairy Queen because Spring has sprung and it felt like an ice cream day 🍨

And though we also had a nice date on Sunday (yesterday), I vowed that I'd still make a #Kawaii365 project for you guys for each day - and so here they are in order:

Based on the lyrics from the theme song - when they dance and become more sure...

I saw a spur-of-the-moment photo opportunity

And now some background story before we look at today's Kawaii project. Firstly I apologize for the confusion about the dates March 25 and August 6. We met on the 25th of March back in 2008, at a crew meeting. It was a McDonald's version of a staff meeting :)

I had recently begun working at a McDonald's restaurant in Calgary, AB around that time (I had only just turned 20 years old and looked very young).

No automatic alt text available.
It's hard to believe I'm actually 20 and not 14 in this picture (2008)

So my most clear memory of the day I met Rob at that meeting (which was held off site, at a club room that was rented for the day) was turning around in my chair to glance behind me, and meeting the warm, hazel eyes of this really cute man. When I say 'cute' that's an understatement! He was downright magnetic and I had a lot of trouble looking away!

No automatic alt text available.
Here is an older picture of Rob with his dog, Bear - that whole face is captivating...

My heart began to race and every few minutes (even during the speaker at the podium) I would turn around and look again. He noticed me looking! I felt giddy. I looked at his left hand for a wedding band and didn't see one, so I felt hopeful. I already knew he worked at the same McDonald's location as me (there were staff there from all over Calgary).

Then toward the end of the meeting, the speaker divided us into groups and I was disappointed that we didn't end up in the same one... And then daily life went on at work. Rob was a manager there so I couldn't openly flirt with him without other managers reprimanding me (or worse, him!). Because we both worked at different stations in the drive-thru, I often watched him from afar. He sure looked nice in those black uniform pants...

I went almost 5 months with a painfully silent crush - and then one of my co-workers mentioned Rob in passing while talking about increasing rent and how hard he had to work to afford his apartment 'as a single guy'. She had me at 'Rob is a single guy'. I almost fainted with joy!!

From that point on, I often showed up more than an hour early for my shift, just so I could see more of Rob (and verbally let him know I was single too). Then one day it happened - on August 6, 2008 it was a beautiful summer day. I showed up for my shift and Rob was in the crew (staff) room too and getting ready to go home. We began talking (and blushing) and then he said it: "I'd ask you out... but isn't that illegal?"

My heart stopped.

Did he just ask me out? But why did he think it would be illegal? Was it because he was technically my boss and we'd have to keep this a secret? So I asked what he meant. He admitted I looked underage and we laughed. I assured him I was 'legal'. So then I gave him my phone number and we took it from there... then we had our first date on August 11 (5 days later when we were both off work and had spent a few days chatting on the phone and developing an excellent bond). Then 3 years later in 2011, we had our wedding 💖

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, wedding, suit, shoes, tree and outdoor
©Michael Scott Vincent Photography

And well now, it's Spring 2017 and this August will be our 6 year wedding anniversary already. So that means that 2/3 of our whole relationship will have been spent legally wed :)

So therefore our love story is the inspiration behind today's #Kawaii365 project; the words that started it all:

We are drawn wearing our work uniforms (sorry it's hard to tell)

Image result for cute divider

So did you guess correctly on Friday's visual pun? I'll give you another chance to guess and win a free coloring sheet!

Thank you for reading today, hope you feel just as inspired by romance as we do - and have an amazing week xoxo

Friday, 24 March 2017

How To Make Bad Visual Puns

Hello and Happy Friday everyone!

First of all, I'd like to share my horrible visual pun based on the romantic Disney live-action remake, which Rob & I are going to see tomorrow to celebrate our 9 years of meeting! That's right - we met on March 25, 2008 at a staff meeting. I couldn't take my eyes out of his, and spent most of the day feeling giddy. Somehow, I already sensed it in my heart that Rob was 'the one' and that we'd get married someday 💖 💑

So if you can guess the title of this bad pun, I'm going to send you a coloring sheet to say congrats!

Image result for roses divider

And in other news, today is also Feature Friday for March 24.

Today we'll be meeting the artists behind the cute animations on YouTube called Dino Dino TV. Though the intentional 'childlike' drawing style isn't considered typically 'kawaii' - it is extremely cute and interesting enough to be featured on a kawaii blog! I must say the people behind these videos (from Columbia) are talented (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The music alone is adorable and is reminiscent of lullabies.

Here is one of their most popular videos for you to enjoy!

I love the Super Mario inspiration. See more about Mario & friends in this Are They Kawaii? post here.

So as you can see, Laura Rain (the main artist behind Dino Dino TV) has a whole series of little clips that go in order and tell a story. Definitely worth adding to your list of interesting things to watch on YouTube :)

Image result for roses divider

And if you've been following my blog and social media regularly, then you probably already know about my Patreon page and how important it is to making sure that there will be kawaii themed pin-back buttons available at the Spring time art sale (in late May this year). I've been a busy little bee preparing for it, and I've chosen Wacky Buttons as the production company. I will need $40 to be able to order the amount I need, which will then be sold for $2/each so I can make a small profit and put it toward savings.

All I ask of each Patron is only $1/month - if you share with your social media, and then your friends share... well, that can be super helpful and super quick!

It's a win-win situation because for you, that's only approximately 3 cents a day to show your love, and you will get monthly hand-drawn coloring sheets to say thank you!

Image result for roses divider

So have a great weekend everybody! I won't be on here tomorrow because it's a very special day for me & Rob. We're celebrating almost a decade as a couple (though it still took us 5 months before he asked me out with the charming line: "I'd ask you out, but isn't that illegal?" - tune in for a future blog post explaining what he meant).

©Michael Scott Vincent Photography

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Celebrating Spring The Right Way

Hello sweet candy friends!

It's funny that we mention candy, because that's what you might be getting soon. This blog is going to be doing a giveaway soon, but in a slightly difference sense - if you live in Red Deer, Alberta then there is a chance that you may encounter me handing you one of these cute little Spring boxes:

These 8 little boxes are filled with the Easter egg-style M&Ms as seen below. They do not have peanuts in them. (there are only 8, so I really hope you receive one - or, have received one if you're reading this in later March).

If you look closely at the above picture, in the top-left corner you'll see our fridge. On it is a picture of me with an 'Easter bunny' last year... well, that 'bunny' is actually my husband at work in 2016!

And the feeling of renewal from a new season has inspired the cute 'baby chick' as today's #Kawaii365 project: marker on a candy egg (like the above ones).

Image result for easter egg divider

And for those of you who are curious about my Patreon Page and how you can support all the work that goes into this blog, here is the latest post from that page: - It's about how with your love (thank you for sharing it!) this girl's dreams of being an artist are becoming a reality. Thank you 😍

No automatic alt text available.

Thank you so much everyone!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dear Daniel and Kawaii Donut

Konnichiwa - or, should I be saying konbanwa ('good evening' in Japanese) because of what time it is... I've been busy again today - And it was awesome!

Firstly today is #ReviewWednesday so here is the video on the 2 new (and cheap!) plushies we picked up recently.

Here is another picture of them together - the Donut was just a few bucks at HMV, which is closing very soon, and the Dear Daniel was from a thrift store for only $2. I am very excited by both since they are both rare finds and worth a lot more than their tags (Gund is a good name in toys, and Dear Daniel is often an exotic import here in Canada).

And as promised yesterday, here are the latest #Kawaii365 projects for March 21 and for March 22 - they are both from my RedBubble shop, KawaiiNMore. Hope you enjoy! 😌

Yes, another mermaid! See the blog post below for more about mermaids!
This one is combined with pineapples for the RedBubble Meme challenge!

Thank you for reading - and if you're in Red Deer, stay on the lookout for the little Spring Candy boxes! I have 8 boxes of M&Ms 'Easter Eggs' to give away. If you're one of the lucky recipients, please share the post (about them) and comment with pictures if you can. Have an awesome everything ^_^

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

New eBook On The Way

Hi everyone!

Firstly sweet friends, I'd love to thank you for your endless patience and eagerness to see what's next on this colorful little blog 🍓

As you know, now that it's ~OFFICIALLY~ Spring time, I've been a busy little bee, buzz, buzz, buzzing away with creating the Garden Bugs coloring book for my Etsy shop (DarylArtDigital), and also writing a following up eBook to the 2016 hit, Living Frugal: Almost 100 Tips on How to Save Your Cents and Sanity in Our Modern Economy.

Available on Etsy here

I've been reminded that it's not easy to just suddenly change our financial habits at the drop of a hat, so with months' of research from other authors, in every industry from finance to self-improvement to health & fitness, I've gathered some tips about neuroplasticity and paradigm changes, for you to apply to your lifestyle and make it that much easier to save your hard-earned money. So please watch for that eBook coming soon to the above Etsy shop. I've spent a lot of time writing for it, which is why I've been away from this blog for so long. Spring time really energizes me and suddenly my inner creator comes flowing out 💮

Image result for cute divider

And in other news, on March 16 I was absolutely honored and stoked to be asked to be a part of Art Battle Red Deer (hosted by Art Battle International, and held at Bo's Bar & Grill here in the city). Because it was a nervous night, I wasn't sure what to expect (plus I worked my minimum wage retail job earlier that day), I was a tad stressed so I vowed to make the painting the March 16 #Kawaii365 project, and here it is for you guys:

Photo courtesy of Joe Larsen, Art Battle International

Can you believe that this mermaid (my obsession as a Pisces) was painted in only 20 minutes? To be honest, I didn't think it would be finished in time, lol. So grateful that it was :)

It was such an awesome event, and if you're an artist as well and would like to give this a try, then check out so you can show your talent and have fun doing it!

So on the subject of mermaids, you'll notice that the last few projects I've done, were based on them:

I drew this for My Under the Sea Adult Coloring Book (Etsy) and colored it too.

And this recent kawaii project:

So with that being said, why does everybody want to be a mermaid? Here are some reasons:

  1. They have no legs that need shaving (no need for body hair in the ocean anyway)
  2. Their hair is always moisturized, so no worries about split ends or any other hair woes.
  3. No periods = no cramps. Yes please!
  4. They don't need to worry about tight, painful shoes. If they find shoes at all, they can collect shoes and worship their beauty, even if it's not their size.
  5. They don't need to worry about bad makeup days - the glistening water contributes to their natural beauty. And when they do emerge from the water, they get sun-kissed too.
  6. They can go topless if they choose, and it's not illegal. The mermales are used to that and would likely treat them with respect too. Like seriously, their gorgeous hair covers them!
  7. If they are fans of sushi, it's readily available to them. Like, seriously they've got the seaweed and everything if they want to cook!
  8. Mermaids wouldn't need to do housework like dusting, vacuuming or laundry!
  9. They don't need to work day jobs and can spend the whole day enjoying leisure.
  10. It's a given they're all great swimmers and would get fabulous abs from it.
  11. They can stay in the water as long as they want and don't need an oxygen tank.
  12. Pet fish are entirely possible, without ever having to clean a smelly tank!
  13. They could go pet a dolphin whenever they feel like it :)
  14. If there's danger from sharks, they can quickly get themselves up on land and they can breathe out of the water just as well. They can even enjoy the beach and sunbathing.
  15. Mermaids would always have a stunning, beautiful view.
Image result for under the sea
Image result for cute divider

And there are just a couple of other #Kawaii365 projects to share for the past couple of days (sorry, working on a new coloring book AND a new eBook for my Etsy shop, plus new fashion designs for my RedBubble shop has kept me super-busy lately).

Enjoying a delicious 'Mean Mocha' today :)

This was made with modelling clay, pipe-cleaners, stickers and cupcake sprinkles - all from the dollar store!

So now I am going to make some supper - I love blogging with you and am looking forward to our next post ^_^ (I will have today's and tomorrow's #Kawaii365 project on the March 22 post).