Thursday, 8 June 2017

Our Second Date

Good evening sweet friends!

I am doing a late post because of the thunderstorm. I recently learned of a man who got hit by lightning indoors while at his desk - so I was taking no chances!

Anyway, today's #Kawaii365 project is of a more romantic nature, because it is me & Rob, almost 9 years ago when we went on our second date to an old-house-turned-restaurant, called The Deane House.

I still remember the monte cristo sandwich I ate, and how it was the first time I notice that Rob is left handed just like me. Very romantic!

I wish I had photos of Rob from that date, but I do remember he asked me to pose a couple of times outside the beautiful Victorian style building.

Did you see - we'd been shopping at Zellers! They no longer exist here.

Admittedly, they are not my most flattering photos. I was only 20 years old at the time and am a late bloomer when it comes to looks. Thankfully, Rob isn't shallow and he loves me for my compassionate personality and odd sense of humor.

So why am I feeling all nostalgic?

My now husband Rob happened to be looking up something online, which led him to an amazing discovery. First, we'll let you in on a little secret. His phone number (and then 'our' phone number) was 403-264-0595 until we left Calgary in 2015. And then we never really thought much more about it. Now The Deane House is under newer management, after being closed for upgrades. Take a look at this image (which I turned into my facebook cover picture).

When Rob told me what he found, I initially thought maybe he was kidding? He wasn't. The very place we enjoyed on our 2nd date, later ended up with our phone number. I've always been a fan of ironies and coincidences, but this one takes the cake!

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