Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A New Favorite Book

Konbanwa, good evening everybody!

Please bear with me as it's been busy today. And I get up early for work tomorrow so this will be brief.

Recently, I read a cute little book called 'Seriously... I'm Kidding' by comedy talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. And seeing as how I tune into her show every chance I get (when home), I felt inspired to try my hand at drawing her, chibi-style, and sharing on Instagram.

So Ellen, if you ever see this, please don't hate me? Thank you :)

And in the same theme, today was another Review Wednesday video and with my limited time, I showed off the book. Everybody should buy one of these - they'll put a smile on your face and are great to bring for a long bus or train ride, or waiting room. Or boring family dinner. Just kidding on that last one!

Thank you, domo arigatou, as always for reading, watching and sharing this blog! You all mean the world to me xoxox

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