Monday, 12 June 2017

Funny Tee Shirts

Hello sweet lovely friends!

How are you doing today? Let's forget it's Monday for a moment and enjoy a cute kitten video first:

And because today is Monday, we are doing another 'Are They Kawaii?' post v(=∩_∩=)フ

Today we will talk about two amazing men from the popular and superbly talented group Pentatonix. Their names are Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi. They hail from Texas and have been friends for a super long time.

Scott Hoying     Mitch Grassi

When not singing with Pentatonix (also known as PTX), they run a colorful, fun, and charming YouTube channel called Super Fruit (in the URL, the 'e' in Super is stylized as a '3').

I love their videos because they are so down to Earth and yet so full of whimsy! An example is the recent 'Ball Pit' one here:

In the video, Mitch is clearly holding up a beautifully-drawn Moe girl anime poster. Pretty kawaii-hot! I'm also very fond of this Tokyo teaser - EEEEE!!!!

After all that amazingness, do you still have trouble believing these cuties could be considered part of 'kawaii'? Then look at their avatars!

Image result for super fruit and then this one: Image result for super fruit

Some pretty talented artists captured them beautifully!

Now go and enjoy their singing voices!

On a side note, I'm excited to say my 3x mini book lights finally showed up! As per why I need 3 of them, well for that, you'll need to keep following this blog until July 10 of this year. It's a special surprise.

And for today's #Kawaii365 project, I've made 2 distinctly different tee shirt decals. One embodies the sweet, innocent, feminine, girly and gentle side with a strawberry.

And the other shirt? Well it embodies that spicy, passionate, sultry and sassy side!

We all have both of these sides in our personalities [in varying degrees], whether or not we care to admit it ≧◡≦

Which side do you show more of?

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