Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Kawaii Animals

Hello sweet friends!

Today is promising to be busy, so this will be fairly brief ๐Ÿ˜Š

So this morning I worked until about 1pm, and then while I was waiting at the bus stop to go home, it was raining. Glancing at the ground, I noticed a pattern forming on the cement.

It looked like 2 dots for 'eyes' and a tiny Pikachu style nose. Though they were scientifically 'just rain drops', there was an indescribable level of cuteness - so after getting home, I elaborated a little on what was seen outside. I added to the 'nose' and added some pink cheeks.

Because the face was general, I wasn't sure what animal it would go with, so I picked 4 popular kawaii animals, as seen here (and written next to each in Kanji).

From clockwise: A puppy, a bunny, a kitty and a hamster. This was more of a study of features and drawing techniques than a finished product. Just wanted to share!

Well, have an awesome day xoxo

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