Wednesday, 14 June 2017

More Hello Kitty Candy

Hello sweeties!

Yes I did - find even more Hello Kitty candy. That must literally be the best thing to review - it's always fun and sweet 🍓

This time it was from a trip to a convenience store to buy lotto tickets. While Rob was doing that, I perused the candy aisle (I'm 29 and still do that!) - staring back at me was a bright and cheery Hello Kitty bouncy ball, attached to a wand of candy. It was under $3 so I went for it! See the taste test in the video here:

I look 'not-so-pretty' this evening, even with a bit of makeup on, because I've been having congestion and a fever. It's likely just my Spring allergies, or maybe a cold (since I work PT in customer service and so does Rob. We contract a lot of illness from the public).

Anyway, in addition to a tasty-sweet review, I'd also like to share today's #Kawaii365 art project, which is a group of frog friends, inspired by the #OrigamiChallenge - if you'd like to make your own and share them with me, I'd be happy to share them on this blog and social media with your info [so people can see how talented you are] (✿◠‿◠)

So I made all 6 of them by practicing origami skills, and then taped a business card to each one so this project can inspire more people. Also I went to a dollar store and got some 'googly eyes' to make them more endearing and life-like. I can see this becoming a new hobby :)

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Have an awesome day!
Daryl J.

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