Friday, 5 May 2017

Fabulous Feature Friday

Wow guys, I don't even know where to begin this afternoon!

Okay so as you know, it's another Feature Friday day and because it's been kind of hectic IRL here, we weren't able to post one for April 28. Now a week later, we will be doubling up again ≧◡≦

We're starting with Mollie, a youthful 30-something cute crafter + illustrator from Illinois (USA). Her blog and Etsy shop are called Wild Olive.

A good majority of her work is crafty, like sewing and embroidery. This is especially evident in her Etsy shop above, where she sells patterns for some unbearably adorable projects!!

Friendly Faces Animal Clipboard - DIY Project PDF Patterns and Instructions
Clipboard cutie pattern PDF here

And because yesterday was May the 4th, it's a pleasure to share this plush C-3PO she made:

C-3PO Plush

Image result for cute dividers

And now we'll meet Mina, who runs an adorable YouTube channel out of Australia, called Minty Mina D

Like me, she describes herself as a 'forever Peter Pan' - living a teenage dream and not really caring if others think poorly. As a near-30 year old kawaii artist and collector, I respect that.

Seriously she's such a cute human being - I adore the avatar in the cover's top-left corner!

Currently my favorite video of hers is the My Melody Nail Art collab with fellow YouTuber BudgetHobby (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Image result for cute dividers

And for all the loyal followers of this daily art blog since it's beginning - and for new visitors as well - today's #Kawaii365 project is NUMBER 300!

I can't believe it, you know? In just over 2 months, we will be posting the very last of the #Kawaii365 art projects. Within the last 10 months I've learned so much about art, about the kawaii community, and even about myself and pushing through my limitations. Anyway, I can't get too emotional since I am going to get ready for work now. Thank you for reading and celebrating with me today.

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