Thursday, 4 May 2017

May The Fourth Be With You

Daaa-daaa... Da-da-da DA-da...

What is that? The basic tune of one of the most famous cinematic tunes EVER! That's right, the original Star Wars theme! Now are you picturing yourself sitting in a dark theatre, staring in awe at a large screen full of stars as yellow letters, telling a story, fade at an angle into the background?

Is your heart already racing with the exciting ideas of racing space ships, Jedi knights using their power and all the new creatures and robots? Okay I'm a nerd.  And thanks to shows like The Big Bang Theory it's now considered cool. So please take a moment to enjoy all the feels from this original Star Wars theme:

The song is called "Main Title" as originally appeared on LP vinyl records and was composed by John Williams. In case you were wondering. Catchy, eh?

Anyway, today is May 4th which is celebrated around the world by fans of this surreal franchise dreamed up by George Lucas (Disney currently owns the rights). Though Mr. Lucas' birthday is in 10 days (he will be 73) - this day has gained popularity because it rings into one of the most popular catch phrase from the Star Wars films:

"May the force (or, 'fourth') be with you" as said by Jedi knights. This franchise of films is probably the most quoted for many generations of fans. So today is dubbed Star Wars Day.

And here is today's inspired Kawaii365 art project; a digital illustration of the dark lord Darth Vader.

Now please don't think this means I want to join the dark side - I'm on the light side (well, you know, if I had to choose). He is just so iconic and fun to draw. Do you also hear that filtered breathing in your head when you think of his mask?

And, who is your all-time favorite Star Wars character and why?  Let us know in the comments!

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