Sunday, 30 April 2017

Why Aren't You A Regular YouTuber?

When people want to ask me this, I sometimes feel like screaming!

Yes, I do *occasionally make a small YouTube video either with the webcam in our living room (which I like to move around for variety) or the old one built into this laptop when I'm in more serious 'work mode' (plus the vintage vibe is kind of neat).

However, please note that the cool YouTubers you watch - from Brizzy Voices to ||SuperWoman|| and everyone - probably take a minimum of a whole day to plan, get ready for, record, and edit the 5-10 minute videos they share. My friend Piper Dollface makes awesome videos about makeup tutorials and squishy collections, and as adorbs as they are - they're also real work and I have a deep respect for that.

I love making occasional reviews and of course there will be more videos in the future for you guys - it's just that I'm a house-wife, a part-time retail employee, a professional artist with client gigs on the go most days (including revisions, ugh!) and sometimes I just take a break from everything to do some yoga or read a book. I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder as well, and recently prescribed some Ativan. If you've taken this stuff before, please feel free to share your experiences. There is no shame in discussing mental wellness, and I do admit freely that feeling rushed (I know I put a lot of the pressure on myself) brings out my anxiety monster full force. And trying to be even half as awesome as the YouTubers mentioned above would flip me out!

Anyway, without further ado here are yesterday's (April 29's) and today's #Kawaii365 projects, The first is drawn on our home-office whiteboard, and the other was spur of the moment when we had a romantic breakfast date at Timmy's:

That's exactly the reason I always like to have a marker in my purse, as well as our shared cell phone. The inspiration can strike anywhere!

Thank you each and every one of you sweet people who takes the time to read this blog - you guys are amazing and I hope you get a smile from the little cuties here :)

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