Monday, 1 May 2017

A New Video Intro

Hello and good evening ^_^

Last night before bed, I went a small rant about how I don't make videos very often. Or, very well. Then I got to thinking - I started this kawaii blog project in July of last year (so just under 10 months ago now) and since then, I've enjoyed making videos of everything from food and snack reviews, to beauty products and even toys!

So for today's (May 1's) #Kawaii365 project, instead of drawing another illustration or creating another modelling clay cutie - I decided to take the video route and make a new intro for all Review Wednesdays to come from this point forward. Though as an artist (and as a woman) I do change my mind as I grow and expand. I'll try to keep this one at least for the rest of 2017 :)

And I know Mondays are often when we do the 'Are They Kawaii?' and 'Retro Kawaii' (cartoons from the mid-90s and earlier). I'm still catching up on a library book due in a few days, and practicing some origami for the #OrigamiChallenge, and writing an eBook for my digital Etsy shop. This is all in addition to typical housework and chill time... so I've decided to stop putting so much pressure on myself to make this blog perfect. Because there is perfection in imperfection and there will be many 'Are They Kawaii?' and 'Retro Kawaii' posts to come in future - even after July 10 ≧◡≦

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