Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Too Busy But Still Able

I know it sounds strange, but that's how I feel right now. It's currently pushing 10:00pm here in Alberta and I'm only just starting this blog post.

"Too busy, but still able."

I know normally today would be 'Review Wednesday' and I love doing those. It's just that today my Etsy shop has been keeping me incredibly busy! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I am excited to announce that I'm now super close to getting the 'My Garden Bugs Adult Coloring Book' done and I'll share it with you when it's live! Here is the cover for it:

And in addition to that, I am writing another book of sorts for my Etsy shop (which is all digital and printable stuff for you to enjoy). It's about cleaning, both major and day-to-day. The idea behind that one is to make sure that everyone has access to some of the most convenient, quickest and most practical tips!

Anyway without further ado I'd like to share yesterday's and today's #Kawaii365 projects:

I'm starting with yesterday's because I didn't find time to post, which was okay because it was a good day overall. I went to work in the Spring blizzard and got soaked... but thankfully we had plans to go to a major mall about an hour out of the city after work, so Rob & I bought a new pair of boots at Payless. I needed something dry for my feet, since my other footwear was damp, cold and smelly all day. I also got a new mascara (needed it because my other one was so clumpy!).

Anyway, I used stickers combined with drawing to share the excited feeling that comes with nice new footwear - and this was on a great sale too, only about $33 after tax!

And today, I took a break from my two 'Etsy projects' long enough to share this cute little bug. He was made out of an old lip balm container, pipe cleaners, 2 cupcake sprinkles for eyes and then detailed with a black marker.

Just wanted to share today's projects with you, and thank you for your loyalty! All the love, support and kind words and gestures sincerely mean a lot to me! You guys make my heart smile everyday!

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