Monday, 17 April 2017

Dealing with Anger

Good evening everyone. I'm feeling better now. That's because I have a pretty amazing husband.

I have been feeling some pressure due to doing some client projects on Fiverr and Freelancer. I love and appreciate all my clients and would never want to insult them. It's just that sometimes I have stress trying to keep up with requests. Pair that with being out most of the day running errands and getting antsy.

Then, the 'icing on the anger cake' this evening was when the husband & I suggested we order pizza. I wanted Pizza Hut and he wanted Domino's. For some reason it turned into an argument. We hurt each other's feelings and then I had a big meltdown. I am half Irish and half Scottish after all - so being a hot-tempered redhead is in my nature.

I am so lucky that Rob sees through my temper and beyond my tight body language, firm expression, and hostile words. He sees the hurt little girl crying inside of me. And I am so lucky that he rubbed my back and offered to make things better. So when I share this kawaii version of the emotion 'Anger' from the movie Inside Out, it is with no hostility toward Rob. It's only a healthy expression of a previous emotion (before Rob got me smiling again).

Image result for cute divider

And today is Monday again which means that we're going to do another Retro Kawaii (a branch of 'Are They Kawaii?').

For today's edition, I would like to talk about the original 'Polly Pocket'. No, not the large ones little girls of today play with. I'm talking about those super tiny 1980s/90s versions. The kind that accidentally end up in the vacuum cleaner. They were likely recalled for safety reasons because very small children and pets could end up choking on them. I could see how that would happen. The one I had got sucked into our loud, clunky early-90s vacuum never to be seen again. Then I was stuck with the cute shell-shaped carrying case she came with.

This wasn't the exact set I had for her, but the little blonde girl in red is the exact 'Polly' that I had. Image result for vintage polly pocket

I remember loving their cute, simple little faces. I guess it was 'unintentionally kawaii'.

Image result for vintage polly pocket dolls One thing I remember about these tiny dolls is that they were just about 2 inches tall - shorter than an adult thumb. I don't know how even this much detail got into them!

Anyway, Mattel began selling them in 1989, when I was 1 year old. I didn't start getting them until I was about 5 or 6. I enjoyed playing with the one I had and her rubber dresses and stuff (that you can put on her), but I admit if I didn't put her in her case each time I was done playing with her, she was easy to misplace.

They came in many different dolls and cases, and even some based on Disney movies of the 1990s. Here are some cases that were popular:

Image result for vintage polly pocket dolls

Then, in the later 90s up until 2015, the 'dolls' became significantly larger for safety reasons, which also meant that their cases got bigger as well. Which in a way was more convenient :)

Image result for polly pocket dollsImage result for polly pocket dolls

Anyway, let us know in the comments below if you ever had one of these dolls (either type).

**Pictures throughout this post have been collected via Google Images. If you'd like to see the copyrights, please hover over each photo.

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