Thursday, 20 April 2017

Caterpillars Eating The Garden

Even if you didn't grow up reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, you have probably seen at least one of these wiggly little guys eating leaves or other parts of the garden.

Here is a video from the channel Animalist that shows a caterpillar squeaking to protect itself from hungry birds. They have tiny holes on their sides called 'spiracles' and these are for breathing as well as their self defense sound.

Anyway, as cute as these pre-butterfly animals are (I used to have a pet one as a child which I kept in a plastic tub with lots of grass to eat and played with it outside) - I'm going to progress into my new adult coloring book now, and how it relates to today's #Kawaii365 project.

Though I still haven't drawn in the leaves yet, I did get the caterpillar and the hydrangeas he's eating (over 100 - he's gonna get bloated!). This is the very last page for my next adult coloring book and once all the editing is done, you're going to see it on Etsy by the end of this weekend :D

I love being a professional artist, and I love finding inspiration in nature... but sometimes a break is required so I stopped to try something new. Something 3D even! The colors don't match exactly, but that's okay.

It's hard to see, but the pink circles are actually the little kawaii cheeks. His eyes are closed with satisfaction as he nibbles one of his favorite snacks - sweet leaves! If I had darker coloring tools (I'm just such a fan of pastels!) then the match would have been better, but this is okay too.

Anyway lovely friends, I'm going to go do more writing for my eBook about cleaning. This season really does get me feeling so inspired and creative!

Looking forward to posting with you guys again soon! xoxo

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