Sunday, 9 April 2017

These Socks Are Bananas!


Another pair of kawaii cute socks from Old Navy!

The above chant was inspired by my favorite Harajuku girl (who ain't no hollaback girl!) Gwen Stefani! Her style is always new and fresh - I admire that.

The above is a picture of an umbrella on my lap [while Rob is driving us on an outing on April 9, 2017). We've been having our 'April showers' lately here in Red Deer. The umbrella itself is from Old Navy also (they have great, colorful stuff this time of year!) and it's of a watermelon design.

And this is the tee shirt I wore on our outing today (we went for lunch and to run some basic errands before hitting Starbucks for a frozen coffee and coming home so I could start setting up our patio furniture for the season). As a kawaii blogger and super-fan of CUTENESS, I was thrilled to find this HK relaxed tee at a thrift shop for about $4 last year!

Damn! I'm definitely looking at least 29 in this one...

And last but not least, a kawaii outfit featuring colorful fruit and Hello Kitty would not be completed without these fabulous HK earrings Rob bought for me a few years back at an outdoor festival in Calgary. I still cherish these light-weight, high-fashion earrings to this day!

So the above was my #Kawaii365 'project' for April 9th. That is, instead of making art, I found kawaii cute inspiration in building a borderline 'Harajuku' outfit today!

Stay tuned on this blog for an upcoming Review Wednesday of Springtime Cookies! 

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