Monday, 10 April 2017

A Busy Day, Oh My!

As promised, here is April 10's blog post. I love blogging this daily kawaii art project for you guys - today just happens to be an especially busy day so I'm going to keep this post quick.

First of all, I just uploaded my first design on and am eagerly waiting to see if it will be accepted (I flashback to my unfortunate experience with Design By Humans and hope not to repeat that pain). If this goes well then I am very excited to start a new chapter as a professional artist!

I am also trying to finish up an eBook going on Etsy (with any luck, this very evening after editing) and doing that around housework (more Spring cleaning since we have the nicer weather for it).

And, I'm excitedly drawing a couple more coloring pages for my Garden Bugs coloring book going up soon on Etsy as well 😁

I always knew I wanted to be a professional artist from childhood on, but some days it keeps me extremely busy since I am also a housewife and part-time retail employee! Please bear with me.

I love you all, and thank you for reading. Here is today's #Kawaii365 project which is a little boy (based on a childhood friend who was like a brother to me) coloring in a picture similar to the one I did for Alberta Culture Days' Chalk Art Festival in October 2016. It's a coloring-in picture because lately I've been very caught up in making coloring sheets!

**Mondays are usually when the 'Are They Kawaii?/Retro Kawaii' are posted. Today did not allow extra time for this post, so please stay tuned for future ones. Thank you!

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