Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Being Grateful for Spring

It's Springtime! Finally winter is over for another year (✿◠‿◠)

And now I'm having trouble containing my excitement over it. Well, that and the fresh new season has been keeping me very busy lately!

For the last few days I've been doing Spring cleaning (soon there will be another eBook out on Etsy, this one about how to clean house without getting stressed).

The cover is already designed.
And in addition to that, I've been doing a lot of drawing for the next coloring book coming to my Etsy shop as well:

I don't want to say I've run out of time to keep up with the #Kawaii365 daily art project - but it is a challenge sometimes, lol. That's a good thing because it just means I'm living life to the fullest ^_^

April 11's Kawaii project is a cute little bug, drawn in black marker, because I've been designing so many coloring pages lately that revolve around flowers and insects! Though I must admit the research is fun because it involves everything from leaf studies in other coloring books, to watching A Bug's Life, to getting out my old art student books :)

And today is another Review Wednesday, so please enjoy this goofy video where I didn't know there was no audio being recorded until after playback (I wish my husband had let me know he changed our webcam settings, haha).

And the image above, which was used for the video thumbnail (yes it is a video when you click it), also happens to be the April 12 #Kawaii365 project. It's me excitedly thinking about these delicious and fun cookies from A Couple of Squares, Inc.

So stay tuned for the Spring horoscopes coming soon to this blog! What will your sign say about you?

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