Thursday, 13 April 2017

Hello, konnichiwa sweet friends!

How are you this fine day? It's April 13th and we're very close to Easter weekend. What are your plans?  Rob & I are likely going to his mum's place for an Easter dinner and we'll see if we can bring a nice dessert :)

Springtime - even on dreary, overcast days like today - has me excited because of all the new possibilities! And that's why today, I'm writing your guys' Spring horoscopes (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

You are a dynamic individual who knows what you want. Also it wouldn't be surprising to anyone if - this time of year when it's still a little chilly - you were the first of your social group to ditch the jacket and start wearing warm-weather clothes. It's not that you're trying to be trendy - it's just your natural ram impulsivity. Keep a sweater around your waist just in case weather takes a bad turn. And Love is in the air so keep your eyes and your heart on the lookout for a new cutie - or a new spark with your current love. Most compatible with: Leo.

Taurus, your brain is like a living computer. However you also have a strong athletic side. You're one of the rare people who is both physical and intellectual and waiting for Spring to fully start is making you restless, because you're probably dying to get your sport on. Take this time to catch up on a personal project or good book. Most compatible with: Virgo.

You are quick-witted and often making others laugh. People might think you like to keep things light-hearted and shallow, but for the sign of the twins, nothing could be further from the truth! You have a deep, emotional side and this Spring it's harder to hide. Open up to a best friend, love interest or someone else you trust and you'll feel better and able to move on from what may be weighing you down. Most compatible with: Libra.

Sometimes you feel emotional more easily than your friends. But rest assured, your best friends are the ones who 'get' you and will always be there. This Spring you might develop a new crush or find new love - keeping these intense feelings bottle up isn't healthy so turn to the ones you know you can trust - like your longest-running besties! They may be able to help you express your emotions without being overwhelming :) Most compatible with: Scorpio.

Always fabulous, always on trend! This beautiful new season is a great reason to go shopping for the most current floral prints, cute shorts and skirts, and shoes that show a lot of foot. It's about time - feels like it's been winter too long. Now get out and enjoy some sunshine while you spend more time outdoors. Get that vitamin D and start that summer tan early. Most compatible with: Aries.

Sometimes you are practical to a fault, and you're friends don't always 'get' you. That's okay though Virgo, because this time of year stands for your element - Earth. And the renewal of everything Earthy, from gorgeous flowers to adorable baby animals. Because of this, you're feeling more open-minded and more emotional than usual. Just don't take other people's criticisms to heart - if they have any, that is. Most compatible with: Taurus.

Wow Libra, you may very well be the most romantic sign in the zodiac, so it's no surprise that you really love Springtime! Go ahead and decorate your home with natural flowers like tulips and daisies. You may also want to burst out the pastel colors in your home or office space, and that's a great idea because it can revive your creativity and help you finish that project you've been working on. Most compatible with: Gemini.

Many professional astrologers tend to give your sign a bad rap for not being very open or communicative, and that can be a lie. Yes you are a great friend when it comes to keeping others' secrets - but when you have some of your own, you're likely bursting to share them with at least one other person. Just be careful who you share them with. Not everyone is as trustworthy as you are. Most compatible with: Cancer.

Though you are known for being a cool-headed free spirit, you pine to belong with (not to, with) a partner who is also your best friend! To a Sagittarius, genuine friendship with a partner is more important than the 'hearts and flowers' stuff. Sincere honesty and ability to be vulnerable are important. This Spring, make that very clear to a potential new love interest. Most compatible with: Aquarius.

Quite the opposite of your friendly star sign above, you are usually a quiet homebody who has a deep appreciation for creature comforts. It may be tempting to still spend time indoors with Netfllix, Buzzfeed, or a good book - but on the sunny days you should dress up in your best and take yourself for a day out! Try meeting up with a close friend for coffee and just chill out with them with no pressure. Don't be surprised if you get a promotion at work this season too. Most compatible with: Pisces.

Aquarius, you never fail to make fast friends everywhere you go, simply because you are a natural conversationalist & a trustworthy person. If you're seeking part-time employment this Spring/Summer (maybe while you attend college?) then use this sincere conversational skill to ace the interview. Also, since it's a new season, it's a great chance to try something new and unusual with your style! Just do you. Most compatible with: Sagittarius.

Hello gentle water sign! Just like Libras, you love Spring because you have a keen eye for beauty in nature! And, like Virgo, you have a love for baby animals! Put this love to use by volunteering this Spring and Summer at a local animal shelter, since they tend to get fuller when people's pets are getting busy outdoors. Your genuine help will be much appreciated. If you're in a relationship, do more romantic things together. If you're still single, improve your confidence with a mini-makeover and shopping spree. Most compatible with: Capricorn.

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**All the images of models photographed above are property of Red Bubble. The astrology designs are property of Daryl Ann DeRoche-Januszewski (that's me!).

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