Friday, 14 April 2017

Another Double Feature... And Beans

First of all, today is Friday again, yay!

And in addition to that, it's also Easter weekend and today is Good Friday 💛 You may have noticed that none of my #Kawaii365 projects were particularly Easter-themed. No colorful eggs or chocolate bunnies - and that's for religious reasons. I sincerely want to respect this weekend being about Jesus Christ. He was crucified on the cross and laid to rest in a tomb, when 3 days later (as promised) He arose and was alive again. How it got to be about bunnies and chickens is kind of beyond me - though I do love Springtime and chocolate on their own. No matter what name your religion has, the same God loves us all, so please have a beautiful, blessed weekend (✿◠‿◠)

So due to some illness last week, I wasn't able to do the Feature Friday as usual. And that's why today we're going to meet 2x artists in the kawaii community!

First up we have Chrissy from Australia! She is the super creative and talented artist and blogger behind Paper Kawaii - a site dedicate to stunningly beautiful Origami (Japanese paper art). Impressively, she's been running this art site since 2008 and I admire her passion.

If you find this header then you're at the right place!

I was introduced to origami all the way back in about 1994, when one of my Asian classmates brought in some washi paper and showed off her skills (at a young age!) so I wanted to try that too. One of the first things I learned was a paper airplane. And then those 4-way fortune tellers. Later on as a teen, I volunteered reading to children where we learned how to make origami frogs that could actually jump. Though nothing I've made is nearly as nice as Chrissy's roses:

Anyway, this blog has already had a #KigurumiChallenge last year, and a #KaraokeChallenge earlier this year - so for the Spring, I'd like to host an #OrigamiChallenge (yes, please use that hashtag when you share your work across social media). And it's highly recommended that you thoroughly check out the Paper Kawaii website for instructions and inspiration to make your best work.

Image result for cute dividers

And our next cutie of the kawaii world is a YouTuber who goes by Piper Dollface.

Like me, she is a proud nerd who proudly owns it (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

And, she reviews some of the coolest things! I mean, mood ring lipstick? I didn't even know that was a thing! She also does some cute reviews of box openings and squishies and stuff!

See her Squishie collection below (I love the Hello Kitty donut!)

I'm so jealous right now - for reals!

So... which one was your favorite? Huh? HUH?? (mine was the blue donut and ice cream ones).

Image result for cute dividers

Okay and I'd also love to share my April 14 (Good Friday) #Kawaii365 project with you. Now, there is a back story to this one. Many years ago, shortly after I learned how to use MS Paint and PowerPoint (animation) programs, I made a small project dubbed 'The Bean Family'. This was in the earlier 2000s, and I didn't quite feel satisfied. The idea was good, I just wasn't thrilled with how it turned out so I removed it.

Anyway, now in 2017, the idea was still somewhere in the back of my mind so I went with it, only this time I designed them to be more kawaii-style. They were drawn digitally.

Navy Bean is the husband & father, the wife & mum is Soy Bean, and their kids are teenage daughter (and goth!) Black Bean - it's just a phase, and pre-teen son Lima Bean. Hopefully you get a chuckle out of this :)

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