Saturday, 15 April 2017

What do you get when you cross an owl and a pineapple?

I am terrible at telling jokes - so instead of trying to make you laugh, I'm just going to blow your mind instead. You may remember the 'mermapple' I recently posted on my RedBubble shop...

And now I've created something else in the fusion/hybrid category of art. It is still half pineapple and half...


That's right - if you saw mine & Rob's home (or some of my socks) you'd see I have an affinity for owls with their fluffy oval bodies and their giant kawaii eyes! As far as nocturnal hunters go, these guys are pretty cute. And the above one would be sweet, too :)

I am keeping today's post pretty brief because I am trying to catch up on housework and personal projects today. My husband's out on a mother-son date with his mum right now (by request) and I seriously appreciate his support so much! 💜

Hope you guys are having an awesome Easter weekend! xoxo

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