Saturday, 11 March 2017

Yes I Do!

Many people have asked me now, if I do professional side projects, such as designing or illustrating for companies or individuals. You know, like something other than 'just doodling for the blog'.

And the answer my friends, is yes ^_^

Depending on your desires, I can collaborate with you on many different projects. Sometimes I hear from people on Etsy for custom works, and of course you can ask via my deviantArt page under 'commissions'.

In fact, if there is a specific coloring sheet idea you want made (I love drawing coloring sheets for local businesses, coloring parties, and individual hobbyists) - then you could easily buy it by donating a dollar per month to this blog's Patreon page. Trust me, it goes a long way when you do it regularly and share what you're doing with your friends and family. I will break down for you how you are helping:

  • The majority of each dollar goes to the artist. Approximately 7% goes to cover Patreon's costs (it varies depending on factors such as country of origin and how artists choose to receive it).
  • Of that, the remaining 93% would help with the costs of Review Wednesdays, since these popular reviews require new kawaii items. They are often purchased in dollar stores, inexpensive specialty stores, thrift shops, or online for nominal amounts. This type of review is done for the viewer's entertainment and education of cute culture.
  • Advertising costs. In order to keep this kawaii blog at the tops of people's minds, sometimes I need to pay a little bit for Google Adwords or otherwise boost a post. I also pay for various VistaPrint items, including business cards, a banner and stamp.
  • Art supplies - this is a HUGE one! This blog honestly wouldn't be as far as it is now if it weren't for trips to Dollar Tree for everything from modelling clay to coloring supplies, and everything in between, including glitter paint, chalk, and stickers! Again I do this to keep you guys smiling after a long, hard day in the real world.
  • And right now what's very important to me is the ability to put some of this kawaii art onto pin-back buttons for an upcoming art sale in the Spring. I will have a booth at the local market and even the least expensive buttons will still be close to $40 CAD with shipping (to our place). So your generosity really helps that. Thank you.

And if you want something more specific to you, such as ad space here (for something in the 'cute' community) or illustrative work for your project, then you can find me on Fiverr just to the side bar here:

If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, shoot me a message there and we'll still figure out how to collaborate. I can do cartooning and pencil sketching primarily. And I absolutely love doing custom work to surprise your loved one, so don't hesitate to ask!

However, there are some things I cannot draw as per personal convictions:
  1. Hunting, fishing, or other depictions of an animal being harmed.
  2. In the same vein, no violence between humans either.
  3. No 'intolerance' of race, religion, sexual orientation, or lifestyle choices.
  4. I can do what would be considered 'erotic' but need proof of your age first.
  5. And again, it has to be consensual imagery, no rape culture or violence, and by Canadian law it has to feature 2 adult humans, no animals or anything. Thank you so much for your understanding. I just wanted to prevent awkward situations :D

Thank You  どうもありがとう Gracias  Merci   Danke   谢谢   Dziękuje   ਧਨਵਾਦ / مہربانی    Maraming Salamat

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