Saturday, 11 March 2017

Beauty and The Beast

Since early childhood, this has always been my very favorite Disney story and movie. Belle is so relatable [to me] in that she is different than the rest of society, has big dreams, and loves to read! She & I were so obviously separated at birth!

You can tell this from some of my Instagram pictures below:

And on March 17 of this year, the live action remake is coming to theatres around the world, and it's very exciting to 'B&TB' fans - and all Disney fans. Please tell me you have already seen the trailers for it? If not (or you have and want to see it again), then here you go:

That piano music gets me every time.

So I had said earlier that I am a lot like Belle, but what about her love interest? I've never been attracted to arrogant and violent men, no matter how handsome. What makes a man 'manly' doesn't appeal nearly as much as what makes him, human.

And if you're already familiar with this fabulous story, then you know that the "beast" (whose real name is Prince Adam) is her true love, because she looked past his exterior and saw the real person inside. The person who deserves and craves love just as much as everyone else.

Although my husband Rob's manners are pretty good (he doesn't eat porridge like a dog, hahaha) - something about him is reminiscent of Prince Adam. Perhaps it's that he is a large and intimidating person with a temper, but he can be soothed. It's all about the love.

That's why today's #Kawaii365 art was inspired by this awesome story of love, and my excitement about the upcoming movie!

And speaking of Disney movies, some of you guys have already figured out that the most popular song chosen by fans for the #KaraokeChallenge will be 'Part of Your World' from The Little Mermaid, so watch for that karaoke/cover coming soon to YouTube (and this blog!)

Have an awesome day everyone! Lots of love!

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