Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Getting Back on Track

Hello everyone.

Sometimes life gets busy.

For instance, Rob was recently involved in a minor fender-bender, which meant having to go file a police report and obtain a rental car while his is in the shop. And today the parking lot of our condo is getting snow removed so he's going to call me when he's done work and we'll have a date until about 4pm (to give them time to get ready).

In other cases, it's been being bombarded with housework such as multiple loads of laundry, or getting an early start on Spring cleaning...

And other times it's a slew of medical appointments, or longer hours at work. I cannot complain about either one because medical=health and work=wealth.

What it boils down to is, yes this blog is important. I want to be here everyday for you guys, the readers. I really appreciate your support. And even though sometimes days will go by in between where you see no new posts for awhile, please know I am always thinking of you and new ways to make you smile O(≧▽≦)O

Please enjoy this day-early Snack Review. I know typically it would be for Review Wednesday (which is tomorrow), but I'd like to get an early start because I cannot guarantee being able to do a review video tomorrow. You'll be happy to know that over the past few days I have been able to do a couple of videos though ;)

If you've been actively keeping up with the #KaraokeChallenge for this blog, then you know that out of the few respondents that we got, that the chosen song is 'Part of Your World' from The Little Mermaid. So that video is coming soon, and you know the rules - because those of you who did the survey and poll on facebook challenged me to sing it, now it's your turn to be challenged to a song - are you brave enough?

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And because my last post here was a few days ago, you may be wondering about the latest #Kawaii365 projects too. The last one I posted was about my favorite romantic story and Disney adaptation, Beauty and the Beast.

Then March 12's was some playtime in the snow! I came across a huge snow 'mountain' in a parking lot, so I whipped out my Sharpie marker (I always carry it for impromptu art) and used the blunt end to carve out a smiling face, some words and a heart. I wanted people in the Lancaster neighbourhood (Red Deer, AB) to have something to smile about on their daily walk.

In fact, giving people a reason to smile in this hectic world was the whole reason I started this blog to begin with. I feel like there's no form of art more welcoming or soothing than the innocent & friendly little faces (and soft style) of Kawaii.

So you'll see I [faintly] wrote March 11 in the snow, when I actually meant to write the 12th. Sometimes I lose track of the day because we have a busy life. Some people assume that because I'm a professional artist who is mostly at home, that I probably don't have much of a life. Lol that's funny!

And then for March 13, a prelude of what's to come as per the #KaraokeChallenge singing video. You guys who chose the song did well picking a mermaid one, because I'm a Pisces! Thanks ^_^

So today (posting date) is March 14, which means that I am still going to come up with a project for later today as well. It might be *much later, because when my husband is done work around 1pm, we're going out for several hours since we can't park in the building's parking lot until all the snow's been cleared. Perhaps being out of the home for awhile will provide more inspiration today :)

And if you're in Red Deer, please come out to see me paint on Thursday night!

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