Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Reviewing Old Navy

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How are you this evening? I'm okay too :)

So as you know, it's February 15th and that means another #ReviewWednesday!

Previously, we reviewed an American family clothing store called Old Navy (back in September - see the post here) because they incorporate cute animals such as bears, kitties and owls into their clothing, esp. for children. And their prices are incredibly reasonable ($4 tees? Yes!) and over the past nearly half a year, I've noticed they now have a whole new line of kawaii cuteness:


I seriously own this sweater! So comfy!

Kids & Baby Sizes

What a cute rendition of Spider-Man!

Pokémon are super kawaii

These jelly shoes legitimately smell like Strawberries :)

And if you go to one of their stores, make sure to have a good look at their fast lanes (when you line up for the cashier), because that's where I got this mini bowling set!

So there you have it! Whether you regular shop there all the time, just sometimes, or are still awaiting your first visit (I lost my Old Navy virginity in 2011, though they opened in 1994), this is a great place to shop if you have wee little ones, a strict budget or a flare for modern fashion.

And if you want to see the February 15 #Kawaii365 project, you're going to have to look at my Instagram here: @darylart_digital_onetsy (hint: it's in 2 parts).

Domo arigatou, thank you, sweet lovelies! Have a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo

*All above  fashion photos are property of and Gap Inc.

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