Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Konnichiwa sweethearts! (✿ ♥‿♥)

It's February 14, such a special day! In many cultures around the world, today is an homage to the real Saint Valentine, who secretly married couples to each other in an era when it was outlawed. He ended up laying down his life in the name of true love.

So whether your kids give cute Valentines and cinnamon hearts to their schoolmates, or you have a romantic partner to whom you give chocolates & jewelry, today is an exciting day! Everyone deserves love, so even if you're single today, you still deserve delicious chocolate to enjoy.

This is mine & Rob's 9th Valentine's Day together already (time flies quickly), and normally we'd do something more romantic for today but we had to commence celebrating with some intimacy on Sunday the 12th, because today my arm isn't great for giving a massage. We had to go get our blood drawn at the hospital (nothing serious, just found a new doctor and are undergoing medical tests). Hey on the bright side, it's something red and straight from the heart, lol.

I still managed to bake us a chocolate cake and we shared cute Valentines - he got me a Hello Kitty card and owl-themed cuteness, because he knows what I like ^_^

Owls are so Kawaii!

Image result for cute heart divider

And you've probably noticed that there hasn't been a post here since February 10th. There has been a personal family emergency and I'm just now getting back to this blog. You guys haven't been forgotten about and there's still a daily kawaii inspiration to enjoy!

Here they are:

The photo is from our 2011 Honeymoon; the cute bowling pins are from Old Navy.

This one is a nail file with a nail polish face

The St. Patrick's Day tee shirt I designed for RedBubble (KawaiiNMore)

This is a book I drew way back for mine & Rob's 1st Valentine's Day. It still means a lot to this day.

And because I haven't posted in awhile, I just want to share with you an interesting article that inadvertently came to my inbox this morning. It's about true Kawaii culture in Tokyo, Japan.

Have a great February 14 my sweet friends!!

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