Thursday, 16 February 2017

Peanut Butter Cookies (Friendly)

Hello, thank you for coming here today.

I recently removed a heart-shaped peanut butter cookie from my purse and it's almost too well-made to eat. I got it from my friend who works in a coffee shop. She is super sweet and with 2 jobs, she also co-works with me at our retail job.
Rob & I happened to stop in her coffee-shop downtown recently and purchase treats. Because we recently had Valentine's Day, she pointed out to me that there are heart-shaped cookies so I bought one :)

I put it in my purse for later and it got left overnight (it's okay, it's wrapped) and so because we've been dealing with a personal family emergency, I haven't been feeling up to making a lot of kawaii projects from scratch.
So I became 'tuned into' the cuteness and romance of this cookie and doodled a cute face 'in love' on the plastic wrap! Hope you enjoy today's project!


And it's officially been 13 days since I've begun wearing glasses, and approximately a month since I've dyed my hair pink. I definitely feel different from both changes. In fact, both make me feel more confident, because I stand out more, it causes me to end up socializing more when people comment. I've gotten compliments on both the hair and the glasses (esp. the hair, even from a couple of males).

Another way in which it makes me feel more confident is that it feels like I'm allowed to be my 'true self', the artist and free spirit, without having to apologize to strangers or explain to family. And it's actually not all that wild a look in 2017, when people of all ages, genders and backgrounds are sporting 'unnatural' hair colors. So in a way I still fit it with society :D

Thank you, as always, sweet friends, for stopping by. Have a nice day (✿◠‿◠)

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