Sunday, 29 January 2017

Feeling A Bit Better

Hello friends,

yesterday's post was a brutally honest one about emotions, stress, and mental illness. And how we've all been there at one point or another. And it's okay. #NoShame #LetsTalk

And this evening, though it's also been a busy day, I feel a bit better. It was a day of errands, though I bought some new makeup (at Shoppers), went swimming with Rob (which was awesome!) and cooked butter chicken and spicy rice for supper (I love Indian food). So they all helped me feel good emotionally. And that's important. Ladies (and gents), when you feel down, do what makes you happy ^_^

And speaking of happy, I'd like to make you smile with this goofy selfie I edited with MS Paint. It is a tad scary but that's just part of the fun, lol.

It is January 29's #Kawaii365 project.

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And in other news...

HMV is closing!

Yes you heard that right. If you live in Canada, in any major city, then you're probably near an HMV store and you've likely already heard the news that they're closing their doors around the end of April.

Music and movie fans are dismayed, especially since they will not be running an online store. With that being said, if you are a kawaii fan (which if you're here, you are), you'll be happy to know that you can now get sales on:
  • Kigurumis, fleecy blankets, and big hoodies
  • Anime/Manga stuff, incl. Sailor Moon and Totoro
  • Adventure Time stuff, as well as My Little Pony
  • Super Mario and other Nintendo characters
  • All kinds of Disney stuff!
  • Adorbs and Pop! bobble-head cuties
  • Rainbows, clouds & unicorns - oh my!
  • All kinds of cute pins, keychains, coffee mugs, and other collectibles
So get them while you can because they won't be available online. And they're going super fast!

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And make sure you're still following along with the upcoming #KaraokeChallenge

I will be happy to sing for you in early February (date TBA) and then I'll challenge you back with a song from the list in the link above!

Thank you and have a lovely evening!

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