Saturday, 28 January 2017

And Then I'm Going To Bed


Konbanwa (good evening) my friends, today was a loooong day! Or at least it feels like it. I even had a mini meltdown at dinnertime, after cooking a very yummy meal, I looked back at all the dishes and it hit me - I'm a professional artist with various client requests, a neurological condition called ADHD where it's difficult to keep tasks and schedules straight, a house full of cleaning to do that never ends, and personal projects piling up including those related to my family.

It was all I could do to not get sick to my stomach or start crying. I want so badly to be good for everyone; I want to be a great wife, a great housekeeper. I want to be an excellent daughter and employee at work. I want to make a decent income, have a nice environment and have my 💩 together and be awesome.

And after all your loyalty reading here, collaborating with me on projects, paying for my art, complimenting me and making my day, and sharing this blog with friends - I really don't want to let you guys down - ever.

Rob was so giving of himself and that's much appreciated - when I was trying to fight back tears and act as if though the dirty dishes weren't my last straw, he got up from eating and came to rub my shoulders and kiss me on the head, and said "Daryl, take things one step at a time instead of all at once." Those words made so much sense.

So right after supper I went to our whiteboard in the office and made a comprehensive list of things I want to do (or that need to be done in general), and numbered them in order of priority. So simple and yet so relieving. Then I felt as relaxed as I had earlier this afternoon, prior to the suppertime meltdown. Rob took me on a Saturday afternoon bowling date and he won every game (though I got some good ones in there!) and I felt more creative and inspired in there, so I whipped out my black marker and one of my business cards and turned the tee shirt face into a kawaii bowling ball. I used to not enjoy bowling at all, but thanks to Rob's encouragement I've realized it's actually quite fun.

And as a Kawaii Blogger, I love to try new and exciting things! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Thank you my friends, for listening to this ramble - it's definitely the fun dates with supportive people that make all the difference in life - we all get overwhelmed sometimes and I just want to say to you that it's okay. No matter what you're feeling, it will be okay. And it's okay to feel.

Good night everyone!

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