Sunday, 1 January 2017

Already 2017 - Where Does the Time Go?

Hello, good evening friends (こんばんわ)

So it has happened, the year has changed. First, Christmas came upon us very quickly, and then we counted down the days until New Year's Eve, wondering where we were going to celebrate, how we were going to dress, and now it's late January 1.

Last night actually turned out to be one of the best NYE's ever (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

It didn't start out that way though. Rob had shown an interest in going to the local casino and so that's what we did. Only, their buffet was served way too early in the evening, which forced us to show up a little more than 8 hours before midnight. Wow. We debated over whether we should go back home for a bit and then come back later, but the parking was rapidly disappearing so we decided to stay. "What a long and torturous night this is going to be." I sighed to myself. I was nearly bored to tears at the thought of it. But you know what guys? To my pleasant surprise, the night went quickly and we won big a few times, enjoyed a vintage photo booth, had a late snack in a new restaurant, wore fun party favors (I got a tiara, Rob got a top hat and we both got necklaces) and got to hear some upbeat tunes all night. So I can't really complain.

Then came the big countdown - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 (excited yet?), 4, 3, 2 (here we go!), 1...

Image result for happy new year fireworks gif

And there were noisemakers blaring everywhere! Rob & I shared a passionate kiss and both cried tears of joy and pondered on the past year.

I didn't post it last night since, well, busy at the casino so here is December 31's #Kawaii365 project for you to enjoy:

I omitted a cute face and focused on kawaii lettering this time

And normally you would be reading a '2016 in Review' post online, and it would talk of all the upsetting tragedies, from mass killings, to the passing of celebrities, to the presidency of a certain redheaded man - and I can't recall a lot of positive news from the media to review. So rather than depress you with things you already know about North American pop culture in 2016, I'll write you a more personalized year in review, going month-by-month:

January: Our first official 'new year' in Red Deer (moved up here from Calgary, Alberta).

February: So I turned 28 years old, and Rob took me out for a nice dinner with the family at an upscale restaurant. Rob & I also celebrated our 8th Valentine's Day together already. It was so very romantic, we even got to share a heart-shaped pizza.

March: My husband got to play the 'Easter Bunny' at work, and my he was adorable!

Image may contain: 1 person, text

April: We got to go see Rob's dad and his wife out in North Vancouver and discovered how beautiful it is to live Oceanside in Canada. It was warmer, smelled fresher, and the plants were all more vibrant. Backstory: Rob's dad & step-mum moved out there not too long ago so it was our first visit.

May: I finally get through over 200 episodes of 'Frasier', which Rob got me for Christmas 2015. I fall in love with the romantic potential between Daphne (Jane Leeves) and Niles (David Hyde Pierce). Still a favorite show since the 90s.

June: The adult coloring books are really starting to take off on my Etsy shop. I am having so much fun drawing them it's becoming addictive - I love coloring them in just as much as making them ^_^

July: This may be the most important month of this list - on July 3 Rob & I attended an adult coloring event at the library, which led to me starting this blog a week later after winning a copy of Noah Scalin's 'Unstuck' and becoming inspired to start a year-long art project!

No automatic alt text available.

August: Rob & I celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary this month and treated ourselves to a 'staycation' at a local hotel with a rich history. Sadly though, I got sick to my stomach on the night of our anniversary and sat up with a plastic bucket and Gravol most of the night.

September: Feeling badly for my being sick on what was our actual anniversary, Rob surprised me with a romantic 5-year anniversary trip (when I felt better of course) to the place where we originally honeymooned - West Edmonton Mall's FantasyLand Hotel in the Romanesque style suite.

October: What an honor!! On Oct. 1 I got to join 6 other artists for Alberta Culture Days and do some awesome sidewalk chalk art downtown. One of the most awesome things I've ever been blessed to do! Then shortly after that, my adorable Libra husband celebrated a birthday!

November: We are getting ready for a trip to Mexico in January (2017) - yay!! Plans are being finalized, tickets bought, bags packed, deposits paid, and Spanish being learned. Also, we marvel at the fact that we've been in this condo for a year already. Where does the time go?

December: Rob & I celebrated our 9th Christmas and New Year's together! After being spoiled silly by Rob and his mother, with some of the most meaningful gifts ever given, I feel blessed.
Also this month, I decide to open my own apparel and accessory store with the help of an awesome site called RedBubble. It feels amazing to see my art on other people's stuff - just, amazing! O(≧▽≦)O

And that's why for January 1's #Kawaii365 project, instead of a drawn face, or something made of clay or sparkles, I'm sharing the beginning of a new chapter in the beginning of a new year:

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