Saturday, 31 December 2016

Almost NYE (New Year's Eve!)

Hello and thank you for your patience with me. It's been a long night and therefore, this post is kind of belated for December 30.

Right now, I am dealing with a bout of nausea (sipping room temperature water with 2 Gravol Ginger in it and it's helping) and then after this post, I would like to Zzzzz. Like the cute sleeping puppy Rob got me for Christmas (see it in a previous post).

I didn't really get a chance to draw a new character today, and that's because (drumroll please!) I've stumbled upon a super awesome apparel + accessory (and many other items) online store called RedBubble, and it's loaded with Kawaii-style, outerspace sloth-loving people like me ^_^

So I spent a good portion of this morning (before going out) and evening (after coming home) working on filling my new shop with various items with my kawaii cuties all over them, and yes, one of them is even the same design as this blog background (*excited squeal*)

Anyway, I'm having a heck of a time uploading the cute preview I wanted to show you, so please courteously take a quick peek along the right side of the screen when I've had a chance to make the code for the store widget. Below is an example of one of many items available at KawaiiNMore

Thank you my lovelies, and have a fun night full of warmth!

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