Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Countdown to Christmas #5

Yay! Isn't it exciting that in only 5 days, we get to sit with the ones we love most, and enjoy festive times and treats together and open our much-cherished presents?

This time of year always gets me so pumped, and sometimes I have to pull it in a little.

Before I get started with the next chapter of my 'Frozen' posts, I would like to give a shoutout to my friend & former co-worker Cahlyn K. who sells adorable handmade greeting cards at Cards by Cahlyn. She sent me a picture of what was left after making one, and it made the outline of a kawaii bunny, haha! I love it!

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And now for another Frozen-related concept post. This is not a fact about the movie, only speculation. All opinions belong to me and are in no way affiliated with Disney, Pixar, or any of it's affiliates.

Lots of Frozen fans can't let it go about the magic of winter, sisterly love, a blossoming romance between Kristoff + Anna, the cute charm of Olaf, insanely catchy songs, and whatever else tickles you about this movie. Yet aside from fan fiction and fan art, we don't see a whole lot of astrology/zodiac related posts - though there are some. Here I will share with you, based on personality type, what each *main character's sign likely is from their traits.

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would be a Scorpio, because though she is very sensual, womanly, and immensely powerful - she is also secretive and desires not to open up and let others in, for fear of someone getting hurt. Then later when she realizes what love is, she loves Anna purely and intensely.

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would be a Leo. Lion people love their family members whole-heartedly and would stop at nothing to make them happy and protect them. Anna shows this in that even after feeling unwelcome in her sister's world, she still pursues a relationship with her and is even willing to sacrifice herself for their bond. She is also warm, funny, friendly, impulsive & energetic.

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would be an Aries. Like Anna, he is upbeat and impulsive. And desiring to be the new ruler of Arendelle, he is determined and willing to stop at nothing to get his own way.

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that thing with the reindeer... well, it might be understandable since Kristoff is likely a Capricorn. He's proven this by being standoffish and not too keen on other humans, though he enjoys the company of a non-human best friend (much like a dog, only in the mountains). He's hard-working, stubborn, very specific to how things should be, and of course he's sweetly shy in the presence of a beautiful princess. And when he realizes he's falling in love, he lets the tender side show. Plus he's got a goofy sense of humor - all typical traits of a goat.

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everybody's favorite snowman... would be a Pisces! Piscean people (in this case, snow-people) love tenderly and often feel their love for someone immediately upon meeting them. Perhaps it's the well-known 'psychic' vibe that causes this, who knows? Olaf demonstrates this by immediately tagging along with Anna & the gang as they try to get this eternal winter thing sorted out. Charmingly innocent, he believes in true love, cares deeply for Anna and desires to help her, and it's so sweet that he has a love of warm hugs and all things beautiful. He's also determined to stay positive even in the face of adversity.

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And on the subject of Disney's Frozen, I would like to share with you, another of these cards I signed with kawaii style cartoons. Well, sort of chibi too. This one for December 20's #Kawaii365 is Anna & Kristoff getting ready for a snowball fight. So cute!

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