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Counting Down to Christmas #4 - Frozen is About Love

Konnichiwa sweet chilly friends!

Here is another evening of fun stuff about Disney's Frozen - if you have been following these blogposts for the past week, you've already seen a lot of cute posts related to this animated film.

Tonight's post is about love...

Frozen is entirely about love. We all already know about Anna's pure and passionate love for her older sister, and the journey she took to bring her back to Arendelle. In fact, the movie is based on it. There is a chance that these other expressions of love may have been overlooked...

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Elsa is considered aloof and distant, because she refuses to associate with her younger sister. Some see it as her just 'wanting to be left alone'. However, unlike Anna, Elsa shows her love by keeping a safe distance. She keeps a distance because she broke inside when she accidentally hurt her sister as children. This feeling of responsibility made her feel guilty & afraid of ever doing it again. Would she be this way if she didn't love Anna so much? Probably not.
Toward the beginning of the film, Elsa forbade Anna from marrying Hans at the drop of a hat - was she just being mean? No. She didn't want her beloved sister to make a mistake that would ruin her life (and marrying Hans would have done that).
If you don't believe Elsa loves Anna to bits, then look at how the storm 'died' when Hans said "your sister is dead, because of you!" That was Elsa's soul dying from grief.

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Kristoff may seem like a typically gross 20-something guy, stubborn, arrogant, or rude on the surface. He's actually quite a gentleman for someone raised in the mountains by non-humans. Though a lot of the younger Frozen fans seem to prefer the 'fairytale' of Anna with Hans (before he turned cold), the older fans see real potential in this budding relationship and hope it gets some coverage in the sequel. Anyway - when he first meets Anna, he finds her cute but annoying. He especially dislikes her when his sled ends up destroyed. Though, against his own judgement, he begins to fall for her - you can see it in the little things, like when her heart has been frozen (accidentally) during a visit to Elsa's castle, and he desires to get her help from his friends the 'love experts'. On their way, he tries to put his arms around her and then realizes it's not appropriate. He seems very into the idea of the trolls 'marrying' him with Anna until she faints and he wants to get her to Hans, so that she may survive. His love may be more visible to other fans when he is seen coming back to the castle on Sven toward the end of the film.

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Olaf - well, his love is obvious. In addition to wanting to take care of Anna and even sacrificing himself in front of a fireplace for her well-being, he also loves Elsa, and even Kristoff & Sven, after spending only a short time with them. He & Sven actually develop a cute Disney sidekick friendship :) Looking forward to more cuteness in the sequel!

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Anna - though her love of Elsa is incredibly obvious throughout the movie, her love with Hans was more based on seeing him as a potential 'escape' from her lonely upbringing. To her, Hans was just exciting and a potential new beginning, but nothing beyond infatuation. When she is betrayed, she says "I don't know what love is", and yet she does know. She learns that romantic love is not based on exciting musical duets - and replacing Kristoff's sled is just the beginning of being a realistic partner rather than a dreamer. And now that she's gotten her beloved sister to open up to her, she can express caring for her well-being as she did over Elsa's cold in 'Frozen Fever'.

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And you know how for the last few #Kawaii365 projects, I've been sharing greeting cards signed with 'cute' versions of the animated movie stars? Well, we couldn't have this movie without Elsa, so here you go!

*(during the holiday season, there will not be a 'Review Wednesday' for December 21)


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