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Potential Ideas for Fro2en (Disney's sequel to Frozen)

Something about this time of year leaves us feeling excited, full of wonderment, filled with love, and warm & fuzzy inside. Though not always warm on the outside, we do love fuzzy winter wear!

And if there's one thing this winter weather makes us think of, it's the movie Frozen!

You can tell by my last few #Kawaii365 creations that though I'm nearly 30 years of age, I am a Disney girl at heart and that I adore all the work that went into this popular animated film.

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And you probably already know from pop culture television interviews as well as Disney-related social media accounts that there is going to be a (get ready to get excited) a ~sequel~ to Frozen! So many adults and children alike are excited and can't wait. Though Disney and Pixar are still releasing very few details to the public, there is already a lot of talk about what might be.

So this evening in lieu of doing an 'Are They Kawaii?' post, we will see some ideas of what could be seen in Fro2en...
  • Anna discovers this whole time, that she has a 'fire power' and she's just a late bloomer.
  • Which comes in handy because...
  • There's a 'Dark Elsa' - that is, an actual evil snow queen - who is trying to destroy real Elsa out of jealousy and Anna's power can be used to help fight her.
  • Because the first one came out in November of 2013 and the next one's scheduled for November 2018, the film makers should use that 5 year span as if though everyone is now 5 years older.
  • Which would mean...
  • Anna & Kristoff have gotten married. Or, at least are engaged to - and they can do a reprise of the song 'Love Is An Open Door', this time with lyrics about love being real when it's not too spontaneous and impulsive. They can put in little references to how they didn't get along at first and how they grew a strong bond through shared crisis.
  • Though the main purpose of the plot is to talk about sisterly love - it seems kind of unfair to Elsa, Olaf and Sven that they don't have love interests. So perhaps throughout the movie, each one of them meet a potential romantic partner so they're not lonely or awkwardly placed in the movie. Now that Kristoff has Anna, Sven should meet a female reindeer who is cute like Rudolph's girlfriend.
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  • And Olaf deserves love too - someone to help him 'raise' the Snowgies (that Elsa sneezed to life during the short film 'Frozen Fever'). Though the movie should still focus on Anna helping Elsa (and everyone in Arendelle) fight the evil force trying to destroy Elsa and take over their kingdom.
  • The Trolls from the first one need to be a bigger part of the story this time - it could be nice if they explained more about: 1) Why Kristoff had no parents and was raised by the Trolls. 2) How the King & Queen already knew of them, and how they already knew of Elsa and her magic.
  • Hans could have a bit part in the sequel, but showing how he is suffering in humiliation for attempting to murder Elsa (and letting Anna die of her frozen heart) and trying to take over their kingdom. There are people who are shipping him with Elsa and basically, that's just wrong. She could meet someone similar to Dreamworks' Jack Frost toward the end of the second film (as a cliffhanger for a 3rd Frozen movie). Again, the main focus of the movie should be Anna & Elsa and protecting their relationship as sisters, as well as Arendelle.
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  • If you'd like to see some really good ideas for the sequel, watch this video here:

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And of course you know my #Kawaii365 projects are inspired by this fabulous movie, so please enjoy December 19's mini movie of one of my kawaii cartoon-signed cards ^_^

Thank you どうもありがとう and good night おやすみなさい

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