Thursday, 3 November 2016

November 3 Kawaii Project for Movember

Hmmm.... some readers may ask, "What is Movember?" It's okay, it isn't a typo (though I am totally guilty of those!).

It is a combo of words meaning "moustache November"... that is, men are encouraged to grow out their facial hair as a fundraiser for helping fight prostate cancer. My husband is 38 years old and soon he will be encouraged by his doctor to get tested, as all men are strongly encouraged to get tested for this around their 40th birthday.

So because I cannot grow my own facial hair (well, I can but not enough to raise funds with), the rest of this month's #Kawaii365 cuties will have moustaches in one way or another. Here is the first one:

If you are curious to learn more and want to help raise funds for #Movember, please check out:

And please use the tag #Movember on your fancy 'stache Twitter and Instagram pictures.

Now grow that 'Mo! ^=^

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