Friday, 4 November 2016

Movember 4 - A Moustache, Oh My!

Konnichiwa pretty friends!

So a lot of you will probably recognize this face from the September 12 project. Only this is a rehash with a nifty little (okay, big) moustache drawn on!

This was a good idea that came up when I was asking friends on social media, what sorts of ways I can support #Movember with this blog. Why not go back over some of the fan favorite #Kawaii365 projects and add a 'stache rehash? (tee hee. That rhymes).

I strongly encourage you, whether you donate to the fight against prostate cancer or want to support it in other ways, to snap a pic of yourself with a moustache (stick-on ones are good too) and tag it with:

#Mosista (women like us)

Thank you lovelies, talk soon ^3^

PS - I got a letter from Amazon Affiliates threatening to terminate my contract with them if I don't get people checking out their site from this one. I don't wish to spam anyone - you have a right to read a blog in peace without being annoyed. I would just like to ask what types of products you would be willing to look at in more detail, if you saw it somewhere on this blog?

For example, here is the coloring book artist, Miss Wah, who inspired my kawaii style coloring pages.

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