Sunday, 27 November 2016

Just A Quick Hello

Wow! November is almost over, people. Where did our month go?

And what have you done to show your support this month for #Movember?

With only 3 more days left, I decided to re-hash another of my better #Kawaii365 cuties with a moustache (I know I typical create these smiles to share in public places, but with the cold weather and general holiday busy-ness, and this persistent cough keeping me up at night - I've been making mostly digital ones. You are welcome and encouraged to share these on your Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)

So here it is, friends:

Thank you as always for your loyalty as readers! As you know, I tend to do a lot of giveaways on this blog and if you look under 'Cute Games' above, you will find a guessing contest with a coloring sheet prize!

Also, while we await the next Review Wednesday and Feature Friday (and a surprise new weekly post) - please take a moment to do the survey on the side, and have a kawaii day! xoxo

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