Monday, 28 November 2016

My First Are They Kawaii?

"Are They Kawaii?" is a question about technicality, that many fans of this genre may wonder. For instance, the word has a Japanese origin and most characters who identify with the word have a strictly Asian background - however here in North America, we have lots of cute, colorful, sweet-natured and well-rounded characters. So we will now investigate them every week.

My very first 'investigation' will be none other than Super Mario himself! Not to mention his wide array of friends and their cute, fun world.

Image result for super mario
How can those 'hills' not be considered cute, right?

To be honest, I have been playing various Mario Brothers (by Nintendo - a Japanese video game company) games since I was a kid. And I always thought of them as fairly masculine, and then one day while playing, it dawned on me... the stars, clouds, and mountains had cute little kawaii faces.

Image result for Super Mario World
Smiling cloud, being kawaii and all.

And though the active characters in the game (referring only to the heroes) may not share many of the traditional 'kawaii' principles, they do possess rounded styles and vibrant colors, which are endearing ^_^

Oh and let's not forget the simple, endearing face of the Super Mushroom:

Image result for Super Mario Behold my cuteness!

And seriously, is Mario wearing a stylized cat Kigurumi here?

Image result for Super Mario (*image from vg247)

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Image result for cute divider

And in other news, because I sell my graphic artist services on Fiverr, my husband Rob bought me a really cool photo editing software called PaintShop Pro! I am having so much fun with it already, and it's definitely making for a better experience for the customers too.

Here is an example of my work, pertaining to Super Mario and today's #Kawaii365 and #Movember themed art (using PaintShop Pro):

As well, please feel free to hire me for your illustration and advertising needs:

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