Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Friday Feature!

Today is Black Friday - did you have a good Thanksgiving yesterday (Americans)?
And, did you have a fun & safe shopping excursion?

Today is also #FeatureFriday, and we're going to meet the fabulous Kawaii blogger Seňorita Hachi who is also known as Marina Love.
Este es en español. ¿Hablas? Si no, está bien. (This one is in Spanish. Do you speak it? If not, that's okay). Because she has a language selector on her blog. So you can enjoy her cuteness is any world language ^_^

This blog focuses on "things kawaii /cute / beautiful" - mainly fashions for ladies, as well as giveaways of items from Blippo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Marina has very great fashion sense as you can see from her posts here:

She is so pretty in pink! (ella es muy bonita en rosa!)

She doesn't post super-often, but when she does, Marina's posts are high-quality and you will see her blog is very professional looking and well laid out ^.^

It has been an honor to feature such a prolific person in the Kawaii Community!

Image result for cute divider
And before I go for the evening, I want to share with you lovely readers, the #Movember (November) 25 #Kawaii365 face - which is a rehash of my beloved Ice Cream Bunny (now with a blue moustache). Only 5 more chances to share 'staches to raise funds for Movember.

Domo Arigatou どーもありがとう and have a nice night!

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