Friday, 25 November 2016

What Does Your Fragrance Say About You?

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Recently I wrote a post about my new favorite perfume which is the light floral/oriental Hello Kitty eau du toilette by Koto & Sanrio.

And now readers are wanting to know more - like what your favorite type of scent might say about your personality and what to ask for this holiday season.

See Facts About Fragrances Here


Smells like: oranges, lemons, very fresh and vibrant; clean. Often associated with springtime.

Means that: you are friendly, confident and outgoing.

Try wearing:
Happy Bath Sparkling Citrus Perfume Body Mist 110ml


Smells like: jasmine, vanilla, lavender, and the like. Soft and feminine.

Means that: you are probably demure and girly, maybe even kind of shy.

Try wearing:
Harajuku Lovers Music Snow Bunnies By Gwen Stefani Edt Spray .33 Oz


Smells like: apples, mangos, peaches and berry are popular blends, usually with a hint of spice.

Means that: you are natural and down-to-Earth, easygoing.

Try wearing:


Smells like: fresh cut grass or other herbal aromas; scents derived from nature.

Means that: you are casual and sporty. Great for daytime events or at work.

Try wearing:
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom for Women-3.3-Ounce EDT Spray


Smells like: how life on a beach would smell, like fresh air or ocean breeze. Often associated with summertime fun and casual days.

Means that: you are imaginative, dreamy and fun to be around.

Try wearing:
Davidoff Cool Water into The Ocean Eau De Toilette Spray for Women, 3.4-Ounce


Smells like: a cross of Earthy and musky aromas, often used in sexual seduction. Can be a cross of deep vanilla with musk, for instance.

Means that: you are flirty and confident, sexy. Great for date night.

Try wearing:


Smells like: cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and other 'semi sweet' spices. Also great for date nights.

Means that: you are deeply confident and a natural leader.

Try wearing:


Smells like: mainly a cross between wood & moss, with some notes of citrus and Earthy aromas to create a soothing, trustworthy aroma (like Sandlewood).

Means that: you are easy to talk to and a trustworthy person.

Try wearing: Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods Fine Fragrance Mist 8 oz (236 ml), Bath & Body Works NEW STYLE

How to Pick a Perfect Perfume?

Well, first of all, are you heading out for day (work) or night (date)? Day fragrances should include: Citrus, Green, Oceanic, and Woodsy.  Evening fragrances could be: Spicy, Oriental, Floral or Fruity. Alternatively, you may enjoy a combination of two types and create your own 'signature' scent.

Consider your hobbies and your personality type - if you are more casual and outdoorsy, stick with something lighter and breezy. And if you like to go on dinner dates and dancing by starlight, then something more Earthy and exotic is nice.

Personally, I've always been fond of a combination of Oriental and Floral. I find them to be feminine and elegant, yet in less intensity, they are good for day time.

xoxox Daryl

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