Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Kawaii August 31!

Konbanwa everyone! ^_^

So earlier today, before I went to work, I promised you that - though I am starting to fall behind on this project - I would still post a #kawaii365 post for August 31 so here it is:

She has rainbow eyes, because she is so full of joy that it can't help but shine through!

So when I got off work, my husband picked me up and we grabbed a quick coffee, before coming home where I instantly started laundry and made supper. I do feel a little bit overwhelmed yes, but the good news is that I have 4 days off of work now. This weekend we will visit my family, whom I haven't seen in a long time now.

Tomorrow I am going to the doctor over what I think might be a bladder infection, and I am kind of nervous about what the diagnosis might be? Hope nothing too serious! I absolutely LOVE doing this project to entertain you and keep you smiling and feeling happy. I will do my best for you ^3^

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