Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Belated Post - Sorry Everyone!

Hi sweet friend! (✿◠‿◠)

Today is Wednesday, August 31 and I would like to start by saying I would normally be doing a Review Wednesday today (as promised recently) but that will be delayed due to a combination of health concerns and retail work schedule. My apologies! I will still be doing a Feature Friday.

Watch for me Next Week!

And yesterday, I was at work all day until 10pm. So I apologize for not being available to you. I actually began writing this post (pictured) about Healthy Stuff in Your Kitchen for yesterday's #Kawaii365 project. I didn't get to finish it until this morning. So here it is, belated:

See the whole article in the post right below this one!

I work again today as well, and tomorrow I'm going to a doctor, and then visiting family on the weekend. I am doing my very best to be available to you and really appreciate your patience!

So now I am going to do a #kawaii365 post for today, and here is a bonus site of Kawaii Cat Stickers for you to check out! Get Kawaii Cats Here 

And last but not least, please enjoy the new chatroom! Image result for arrow

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