Wednesday, 31 August 2016

More Than 10 Things In Your Kitchen That Are Insanely Healthy!

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Most of us already have these items in our kitchens and might not be aware of their value. They are actually insanely good for your health! Many of which have anti-bacterial properties and some can even help fight cancer!

Baking Soda

You may have heard about Baking Soda being used in toothpaste already, because it helps whiten teeth. But it also has some other anti-bacterial properties as well. For instance, when you place it in your fridge to eliminate odors, the odors are often caused by bacteria that lives on food. Baking soda can also be placed on minor skin infections, such as an ingrown toenail, and you can even make a rinse with Baking Soda and warm water to help ward off gingivitis (infected gums). It can even be used as part of First Aid for bee & wasp stings, to lessen the pain. In addition, it can make an excellent cleaning aid around the kitchen and even bathroom!


Cinnamon is delicious on many things, including pastries, toast and even chicken (yes, it's true). But did you know it has a lot of antioxidants and one of it's best benefits is that it can help you lose weight. The 'spicy' element boosts our metabolisms and can reduce inflammation in the body.

Colorful Peppers

Like cinnamon, delicious peppers are pleasantly spicy and boost our metabolisms and even fight cancer from developing in the body. Peppers are also amazing in Vitamin C and are good to eat when you have a cold or flu.

Dark Chocolate Almonds

A lot of people see these as 'junk food'. Well, they are a yummy treat for sure! But the almonds inside have lots of calcium and iron. And the dark chocolate (70% cocoa) limits your sugar intake and gives you flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. So chow down & enjoy!


Some people take one sniff and pass out, but this spicy, pungent bulb has many benefits. For instance, it can help keep cancer from developing in your body. It also can help battle colds & flu, is good for your gums (kills bacteria in the mouth), and boosts your digestion.


Like Garlic, Ginger aids in digestion. For centuries, Asian countries have employed this spicy root to cure stomach ailments, like nausea, vomiting, bloating, indigestion, and even constipation. It's because Ginger can sooth the mucous lining of the digestive tract.


Yes it is delicious and sweet, but did you know it can help you battle a bad cold? Yes, it has soothing properties when you have a sore throat from too much coughing. Take some liquid honey and put in hot tea, or even just with hot water, and drink it. The honey can wash excess mucous down your throat and coat sore throat tissue so it can heal. It also has anti-bacterial properties.

Lemons, Lemon Juice

Like the honey above, you can also have hot water and lemon juice to help clear mucous and kill bacteria in the throat, but it's best together with honey to help coat & soothe. In addition, you can use lemon juice on minor skin infections (like an ingrown toenail) to kill bacteria, and lemons can even help stop motion sickness and nausea. They have an amazing amount of vitamin C and you can even use lemon juice (mixed with water) to lighten your hair in the summer!

Olive Oil

Olive oil is very good for your joints and heart health. It is not a saturated fat (stay away from those!) and it's better to use a light amount of this kind of oil for cooking, than to use corn oil or hydrogenated, for instance. Mix it with garlic & black pepper to pour over salad, or even use a small amount in your hair on humid days to avoid frizz.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea is a cure-all. Whether you have a headache, nausea, throat congestion, or fatigue. Seriously, this sweet, minty green tea is superbly healthy! ^_^


Turmeric is really great for joints! It has been used in many cultures for years, to help heal arthritis & gout pain. In addition to that, like cinnamon, it can boost your metabolism and is great for helping your body shed excess pounds (if you're trying to do that).

One of the coolest things about vinegar is that it cannot turn spoiled. Some chefs have used a bottle of Vinegar that's decades old, and that aging process only makes it better! Because it's so acidic, Vinegar has great anti-bacterial properties too. Try using it like a cooking wine (in light amounts), sprinkling a few drops onto a poutine, and even cleaning your kitchen with it.


Love it or hate it, this creamy treat is great for your intestines! Plain (unflavored) yogurt is great to use in cooking, and in place of sour cream. Lightly flavored or fruit-filled yogurt makes a great dessert and can replace pudding cups in your lunches. Why? Because it has a kind of good bacteria called 'Probiotic' which helps your body digest food and keeps your intestines from getting infections. In addition, it's good at warding off urinary tract Infections and yeast infections. Need extra protein? Then opt for Greek yogurt ^_^ 

So there you have it - more than 10 things sitting in your kitchen that have awesome benefits for your health!
There are others too, like Cranberries, Eggs, Flax Seed, and all kinds of stuff... but this list had to end so you can get back to your day! Thank you for reading.

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