Thursday, 1 September 2016

A New Month, A New Post For You!

Konnichiwa friends! ^_^

Today, I would like to make a combined post for you to read. That's because yesterday, I was not really able to do a Review Wednesday, and though I already have somebody lined up for tomorrow's Feature Friday - I would like to combine the two by discussing a fabulous accessory shop I discovered today!

Okay so, first things first. I suspect I may have a bladder infection, so right now I'm making an effort to drink more water, as well as lemon juice. Anyway I went to the emergency room because these kinds of infections are often quite serious and require prompt treatment. At this point, the doctor who treated me said it looks pretty good but that they will call with updates soon.

And you know me - I don't like to dwell on the negative. I am filled to the brim with positivity, so I am so excited to share this story with you... After my test, I went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch and then followed that with browsing the gift shop. Suddenly a tall, beautiful exotic woman approached me and said "I was watching you over there" (while I was eating) "and you are a beautiful model." I was so flattered, and confused.... Then she showed me.

Take a good look at these leggings...

Her flattering comment soon made a lot more sense, when she showed me that they carried the exact same leggings in their kiosk! I was blown away (I bought these ones at Payless Shoe Source). I really like all the offerings of Princess Florence (

And before I left for the day, I bought this amazingly adorable, beautiful hair clip (that also doubles as a scarf clip):

And I hope you friends don't mind - I decided to make [wearing this sparkly hair bow/clip] the #kawaii365 project for September 1, 2016. That's because I've spent a good deal of time today in a hospital emergency waiting room, as well as coming home to deal with laundry & dishes. Thank you, domo arigatou for your patience! XOXO

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