Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Celebrating A 1-Year Anniversary

Hi everyone, today is an exciting day (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Though it's hard to believe, today marks the one year (already!) since I completed the year-long, cute art project dubbed Kawaii365. If you live in Red Deer, you might remember seeing random 'cute art' in public places around the city, including stickers, doodles on random objects, and even charms made from clay!

You can see my very first [of the 365 of them] at this link here - http://kawaii365.blogspot.com/2016/07/first-one-of-365.html

I know, it's shocking that it's from 2016... when I first started this blog, it was motivated by reading that book, Unstuck, by Noah Scalin, that Rob & I won at that adult coloring event at our library.

Excitedly, I jumped in head-first and just wanted to 'go for it'. Truthfully, I wasn't sure if anyone would even notice me doing this project... even if I just did it for the sake of doing it, and it never got known, that was okay. At the time, this blog only had a handful of total views... in fact, I celebrated when we hit around 500. That was super-exciting! Now, this blog has seen nearly 26,000! Yay!

One of the most major highlights, was getting this project featured on the author's blog, surprisingly not that far into this project... I'm super glad that happened, because it inspired me and motivated me to keep it up for the entire year! See it here: https://makesomething365.blogspot.com/2016/07/kawaii365.html

The year flew by really quick, and though there were admittedly days when I felt less motivated, I literally never decided to 'put it off' or skip a day. This project was great for mental health (I deal with depression, anxiety and minor ADHD symptoms) because it made me accountable. This gave me an actual goal to work toward, and something that was all my own, and was a great outlet to express feelings, thoughts, ideas and other things happening in my life at the time...

Anyway, for the very last project (#365), I used a shoebox and some random leftovers from the stuff I bought at Dollar Tree, and made a miniature museum dedicated to the previous year. Around this time, I had also started my Patreon Page,  and shared it on there, too.

Let's look at the museum's first video and second video, one year apart...

Anyway, realizing exactly one year has gone by already, blows my mind. I still recall the nervous excitement I felt while being interviewed to be featured in a couple of local publications here in our city: 


In other news, 

Rob & I visited a cat café today, and they happened to have Kitten Tuesday. Here are some clips from our adorable experience (✿ )

Thank you, domo arigato! 

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