Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Halloween Fashion This Year

And more!

Halloween is fast-approaching, and this time I'm more on the ball with it than I was last year! Because I have a RedBubble shop now, I've added some vintage-inspired and kawaii-style leggings, scarves, and Tee shirts:

Other (vintage-inspired) Tee shirts available for you:

Kawaii Ghost
Kawaii Skull
Black Cat with Pumpkin

And I also designed some kawaii/retro leggings for you on RedBubble:

And another super cute set of leggings with Skulls and Pumpkins

And in addition to fashion, my Etsy shop has some Halloween themed items available for you as well:

The coloring book is baaaack.....

Also a printable Halloween card - cute and kid-friendly.

And proving to be popular, is this clipart for personal use. Some examples include website design, social media, newsletters, home-made greeting cards or party invites...

Anyway, as you can tell - and you may have heard me say it before - Halloween is my 2nd-favorite time of year! Christmas is my #1. 

I love all the fun costumes, Halloween candy, party music such as Thriller, and the spooky movies!

Plus October itself is such an awesome month 😄

And September is the final month of the #OrigamiChallenge. So get that paper art photographed and shared online to get featured on this blog!

xoxo, Daryl J.

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